Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fairy Gardens

When the grands were here for Granny Daze, one of the projects we did was build individual Fairy Gardens. 
I picked out a fairy, little animal, and butterfly on a stick, on clearance last fall for each of the granddaughters.

 The bucket and flat marbles were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Grandpa fetched us a bucket of sand and we were ready to construct our gardens. 

They quickly began working on their very own gardens. 

This grand's  garden shows her fairy laying on her tummy watching the fire, while listening to the babbling brook next to her.
They all really did an excellent job, and were so proud to take them back to their homes!!
 Grandson was a little bored with the whole project, and I can't blame him!!!
And that's the way it is...........


  1. You really provided an interesting project for them -- they're so cute! LOL -- Love the little boy's reaction!!

  2. I guess you can't please them all ALL the time. Looks like fun to me though.

  3. Fairy gardens are so much fun. You will have to put on your thinking cap for a little boy project.

  4. Oh what a great idea! Looks like even the grandson had fun in his own way.

  5. hehehehe, he is too funny for words, i wonder where he gets that from??? and what a great project for the girls, i want to make one!!

  6. What a great project! Just perfect!! My daughter has Fairy Gardens all over in her yard and in the porch:)

  7. You are such a wonderful grandmother! How fun!