Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fun on the Lake

Today was the 50+ club meeting.  We usually meet in a church basement with a pot luck and a guest speaker.   Every August we come out of the church basement and pontoon around Pickerel Lake. 

Not just one pontoon, we had five pontoons tied together to hold the 60 club members. 

I stood on the first pontoon to get a photo of all five.  The purpose is just to float around Pickerel Lake on a 'three hour tour'!!!

Our one and only stop is at a bar half way around the lake.  It is amazing to see the captain of this crew dock five pontoons in perfect succession. 

After a bathroom break and a quick refreshment we were back on the boats to continue our trip.

About an hour before reaching our destination, the cooking crew pulled away to get the grills started. 
We then go back to one of the residences of Pickerel Lake for a steak fry, who graciously allow the use of their yard for the cookout. 

These are the same people who purchase and cook all the steaks, and ask nothing for themselves.

Every one is asked to bring a dish to pass.  And when all these grandmas start cooking, it is an awesome pot luck.

Those people who donated all the steaks..... all they ask is a donation to:

You see many years ago, this couple had a grandchild who was very ill, and hospitalized away from their hometown.  The Ronald McDonald House held their family together during those difficult days.  The grandchild is now healthy, and his grandparents are dedicated to this organization.

I love days when everybody wins!!!  We had a good time, sharing jokes and stories with old friends, and making a few new friends along the way.  And of course The Ronald McDonald house won!!  I hope they won BIG!!!
And that's the way it is..........


  1. What a fun outing! I hope everyone donated generously! :)

  2. Hooray! It is so good to get out of the basement once in a while.

  3. Sounds like a fun, fun trip! Ronald McDonald houses are one of my favorite charities--my family once had occasion to use them too.

  4. What a great day! Nothing like a ride on the lake, a beer (I assume that is what most people got at the bar) and a steak dinner.

  5. an awesome way to grow young.....looks like so much fun!!!! and a great, fun group!!!