Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grandparent's Day

The Mister and I attended Grandparent's Day
 at Northern Voices, in Roseville, MN. 
 Northern Voices is a school designed for deaf and hard of hearing children. 
They teach the kids to listen first.  
Once that skill is mastered, then to speak. 

 Today was the Fourteenth Annual
 Gingerbread House Building
with students and grandparents.

Once we arrived our Grand #4 was so excited to see us.  
She ran up to me and gave me a hug 
 I thought would last forever!! 
 Then she modeled her Christmas Dress
a gift from Aunt Kel!!

Now its time to tend to the task at hand 
building our house.  
One thing I noticed, the size of the milk carton decreased in the same proportion as the graham crackers!!!

We worked hard adding:
 gum drops 
mini marshmallows
chocolate chips
teddy grams 
and an assortment of other decorations
to our house!!

She was so proud of her Gingerbread House!!! 

The project was completed by lunchtime.  
We requested permission to take her out for lunch
with the promise of having her back by the afternoon session.  

Off to Mickey D's we went!!

She was returned back to school on time.

Before I could leave,
 she insisted I take a picture of her with her BFF!!
Aren't they something?

It was with mixed feelings
 I left her at Northern Voices.
 This wonderful place has been a big 
 part of her life 
(and mine)
for the last four years. 
 The next time I visit her here will be in June,
 when she graduates
will be mainstreamed into the public school system.    

After many more hugs,
 we parted with a Pinkie Link, 
as a promise we'll see each other real soon!!!

And that's the way it is.....................


  1. Your granddaughter is so sweet. I love her pretty Christmas dress and what a great job on the gingerbread house. I wish her all the best as she changes school next year. Thanks for sharing your special day with her; I really enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Love that piece of art! That is the best Gingerbread House I have see so far this made me smile. What a beautiful Grand! You are making good the pinky link too:)

  3. oh, that is too cute! love the house. love the friends photo. she is a doll. she looks a lot like one of my nieces when she was younger. :)

  4. that was delightful, I enjoyed this so much!

  5. Oh looks like fun ! Lovely photos . Have a great day !

  6. What a sweetie pie in her pretty red dress. Looks like a fun day.

  7. She has the biggest smile on her beautiful face. What a wonderful memory, building gingerbread houses with Grandma....

    She's adorable.


  8. What a wonderful day. How lucky for both you and your granddaughter that you are able to participate with her. Now that my grands are in school, I have lunch with them at school when I visit them. They always are so delighted to see me at school...even though they said goodbye to me at their house only two hours before lunch.

  9. A touching post - made me smile. [we have to wait till next April for Grandparents' Day - look forward to it already]

  10. You are a wonderful Grandmother! This post made me happy this morning.

  11. What a special time the two of you shared! I can't wait to do things like this with my little granddaughter.

  12. this is a special story for a special and beautiful little girl. she is adorable. i love the pinkie pic and that is a great idea for making a ginger bread house....

  13. What a sweet story -- you have me quite misty-eyed! I'm so happy you had the opportunity to share this day with your little gal. I'm sure those memories will last a lifetime for her.

  14. Aw, Muffy. What a full of joy. The connection between the two of you shines right through.

  15. What absolutely beautiful pictures of what looks to be a fabulous day! I think you may be the best grandmom I know. You sure can tell how much she loves you, and you her!

  16. How special. That is the best day when it can be spent with a grandchild. You two do have a special connection. I can see it in the pictures. She loves you! What a grand idea for ginger bread houses. I bet that was fun.
    Thanks for sharing your special day with a special person.

  17. How sweet. I'm so glad to learn about this school. btw Roseville is where I grew up!