Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're Ready

The first big snow storm of the season is predicted to hit here a little later today.   
And we are ready for anything it brings. 
 Our equipment is ready too.

If we get a dusting a broom will be sufficient.

An inch or two would require shoveling

A three to four inch snowfall and a snow thrower would be the tool of choice.

Four to five inches would require bringing out the snow blower.

Six or more inches of snow fall, would bring out the plow attached to the ATV.

Bring it on, we are ready!!  
The larder is full and the generator is ready. 
 We are hunkering down for the day.  
I have a little sewing to finish, and then of course our beloved Packers have an evening game 
at Lambeau, against Detroit.  

And that's the way it is...................


  1. I'm glad you're ready, and I don't need to be. :)

  2. Sewing and watching the game sound like good choices for your predicted weather! John will be watching the game, too!

  3. Send some here please!!! good to be prepared.

  4. by this post i now know you live in deep snow country, you are certainly prepared for whatever comes... I have never owned any of these except the broom and that sweeps sand out of the kitchen the dogs bring in.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fireplace...did it come that color or did you paint it. beautiful.

  5. HI Muffy...Living in Maine that sounds like a nice tuck in day to me...there is something about a snow storm that sort of makes your world stand still, and you take time to enjoy the little things in life!!
    We haven't even had 4 inches of snow from 3 storm so far, but I imagine any day now!! I used to do the drive way myself with the blower, but now I have the neighbor boys who have a plowing business do it : } , but still have to shovel the decks!! At 68 it help keeps you in shape!! ; )
    Have a great day!!

  6. you are SO prepared! loved this post! thanks for the wisconsin view today!

  7. Looks like your ready..!! It's soooo warm here the windows are open and we put the flags back up on the flagpole...

  8. Oh I could see my husband drooling over those guy tools...he only has a snow shovel...

    We are getting another skiff as I write. Funny how the dictionary said it was Western Canada, but so many blogger insist that they use the phrase


  9. We may get our first snow of the season in Indiana tomorrow! Stay warm!

  10. We are similarly prepared although I haven't heard about an impending storm. My preferred method of dealing with the snow is packing my bag for points south.

  11. Wow, are you ever ready! We never get as much as you, so the shovel or snow blower will do it all. I don't think we're getting much this year -- it keeps getting warm. Glad to hear you're hunkering down.

  12. you guys can do snow just fine..some should be headed your way..we got about 2 inches..but the wind is supposed to come up. I am home safely from the retreat, it can snow all it wants now:)

  13. It looks like you are ready, for whatever comes your way.

  14. awwww, you are too funny, I love this post! I have always wondered about the whole bunker down verses hunker down thing. Here at my house we hunker down! I love a good snow storm, enjoy your time indoors!

  15. Are you ready or are you ready! Wow! I have two dilapidated snow shovels regardless of how much snow we get.

  16. how exciting!! you are ready!! we have our wood stacked and ready..but really that is about it..seems ok though because there is not a snowflake forecasted in the near future here...and our beloved Eagles FINALLY won today!!