Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Bling

I love to wear pins as jewelry, and have many.  Christmas is no exception!!  
I found this one a few years ago. 
 I was drawn to it because it is so different.  

My 'red' tree pin is a hand painted ceramic variety. 
 I think I wear this one the most.    

Inherited from my mother, I wear this snowflake way longer than the Christmas season. 
 It can be a pin or  a pendant. 
 It is so dramatic with a black sweater!

Another hand down from my mom: 
 I have never worn it. 
 But I keep it because it is so unusual. 
 It is like a 'cameo' material, with a blue background. 
 (I wonder how many readers know what a "Cameo" pin is?) 
 It is a pretty dainty pin.  

When I worked I had reason to wear all these pins in one season.  Now that I'm in the next chapter, and life in the northwoods is so laid back, dressing up to go out is not important.  
Perhaps that Santa hat, will look good on my "Badger" sweatshirt!!!

And that's the way it is.............................


  1. I used to wear a lot of pins when I was working because I don't like anything touching my skin like bracelets, necklaces or rings. I recently purged unused jewelry, passing it to my daughter or donating it. I have just a few sentimental pieces left. That means they are really special because I am the least sentimental person I know.
    I love the bird with the holly in your collection.

  2. your pins are beautiful, what a collection, they are such a lovely touch to our wardrobe,

  3. I like all those pins! I've had pins throughout the years and some I've discarded. Wish I had them back now. I especially like that Santa hat pin. :-)

  4. I have always loved to wear pins. You have some real treasures. I have seen some women who display their pins on their fabric handbags!

  5. i only have two Christmas pins and have not worn them since i retired in 06. i did wear them when i was working. just remembered i have 3, a blinking crystal reindeer that lives on my santa hat

  6. forgot. i do know what a cameo is and this one is beautiful. i like the hat and the snow flake best of all and the blue christmas tree

  7. love your Christmas/seasonal pins...beautiful!!! Don and I each had a Christmas pin we wore...over the years since he died I've lost one...only have the angel and silly me I can't remember now whether it was mine or his...and what did happen to the other one??? that you have pins handed down from your Mom is fantastic...a link to the past worn proudly into the future :) yes I know what a Cameo pin is...always liked them...some were worn on a velvet ribbon snugly around the neck...simple elegant...a piece of classic jewelry!

  8. Oh - what a great variety!! and is that a cute little chickadee pin I see??

  9. Love that bling! I have tons of Christmas pins -- maybe I'll do a post on them, too. That "cameo" actually looks like Wedgewood. My antique cameos all have a rose background. I love Christmas pins -- who cares how you wear them!

  10. They are so cute ! My mum used to wear pins and she had two cameo's one in the blue and white and one in a peachy white ! Some thing you don't see any more women wearing pins , nice to know they are still out there ! Have a good day !

  11. i've always had a soft spot for cameos. but i really like your santa hat best!

  12. Yes, I remember cameos. I used to have one myself but gave it to my daughter. I like the Christmas tree pin that curves around, it reminds me of hard rock candy that they do into swirls at Christmastime. Neat walking back in time with you.

  13. Lovely bunch of pins..I have one or two..I am not much of a jewelry person. I do have a cameo ..someplace...positive relief.. I am not sure how it is carved or how it gets that way..many are antiques..mine has a beige background:)

  14. I love wearing 'Christmas Bling' too but like you said, life in the northwoods is pretty laid back and not much use for 'bling'...at least most think that. I'd wear them anyway. Put them on your sweatshirts, sweaters, scarves, hats, even hunting clothes...ya never know when some 'animal' will find them facinating...have a great time 'blinging' it up.

  15. So am I dating myself if I say I know what a cameo is...

    Love the snowflakes the best, but that's because I love snowflakes.


  16. You have a beautiful pin selection and I too know what Cameo's are. I have one too.

  17. I love the ceramic Christmas tree. I do know what a cameo is - I have my grandmother's. ;))

  18. Hi Muffy tried to send this to your google email but was sent back to me twice. Your hotmail address. Wanted to let you know, not sure why it would not go through, because I hit reply.

    Wow! Both of us at the same time, what are the odds of that?
    This was just too funny! First me then you. Ok we should be good for a few
    more posts.

  19. I inherited all Michael's Mom jewelry (he is an only child) and one of the pieces was a beautiful jeweled Christmas tree. Last year when we went to the Christmas parade I lost that pin--makes me sad to think about it. You have quite the collection.

  20. Love all your bling. The Santa hat is real cute.
    When one retires one doesn't have a lot of places to where the fancy stuff! Especially when one lives in the north countree!