Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New Visitor

Oh what an exciting day.  A couple of Evening Grosbeak appeared at my feeder today.  This is the first time I have ever seen them, other than in pictures. 
I happened to glance out the window and there they were; just two males.  I don't know if the women-folk are around or not. 

Darn, where is my good camera.... at the Canon Hospital.  My old Power Shot has to do.  I'm disappointed that I couldn't get clearer pictures as I get from my Canon G11.    Oh well, better than nothing.  And perhaps these guys will hang around awhile.  

They weren't too skittish as I moved in on them.  I took all of these through the window. I was getting glare off the glass;  with a little editing, the photos turned out OK .

Looks like he's saying 'Are you taking more pictures?  Let me pose for you!' 

 As I look at this photo, he is really well camouflaged with the White Birch and golden leaves as a background.  

"Who is that I'm dining with?"  he asks.

The seeds must taste better at the top!!  Or he's just showing off his beautiful back feathers.  

And that's the way it is................


  1. they are really cute. quite a bit of attitude, too. :)

  2. So happy you saw them and shared pics with us. They are great photos! What a treat to see!

  3. Sure seems a little early for evening grosbeaks to me. Just stay out of the way of those beaks. If they get a hold of your finger, it really hurts! I really haven't seen many or any since I lived in New York, and I left there in 1993! :)

  4. Great photos on the bird feeder. Do you have the problem with them that we have ? - fallen seeds growing in your garden? Luckily for them our birds have plenty of natural food here and don't need to be fed in the cooler months but it's a nice way of seeing more of them isn't it?
    PS. Loved yesterday's story about the dog.

  5. Awesome photos ! I to have never seen these birds other then photos ! We have the Red Breasted Grosbeaks but not these guys. I do like the way you framed them on the post . The first photo looks like a mirror image ! Hope you get your Canon back soon ! I would be lost with out my Nikon D 3100 all though I do still have my old Nikon D 60 as a back up I guess ! Have a great day !

  6. Oh too cool!! I don't care if they are blurry or not, through a window or not, you got the shot!!!

    Never seen any kind of bird like this here....yet.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. Handsome fella...I think he knew you were taking his picture :)

  8. Beautiful pictures of the grosbeaks. We have them in Oregon too. Muffy, how do you get your name on each of your pictures?

  9. Such beautiful birds...we are lucky you shared them with us.

  10. Yes, Muffy, the females were right there. The brown bird on the feeder with the males is the female grosbeak. In the bird world, the females are always less colorful than the males, but grosbeaks really got the short end of the stick. We see evening grosbeaks and rose-breasted grosbeaks (whose females are similarly bland).

  11. oooohhhh m, i am so happy you spotted them, i can really feel your excitement. they are beautiful, i don't get them here. fingers crossed for a speedy cannon recovery, it's kinda like loosin' a kid!!!

  12. Muffy I think you captures the birds beautifully. Grosbecks are one of my favs.... whenever I try to get a good photo they are skittish... hopefully they will stay and visit for a long while.

  13. What gorgeous birds. I never heard about them -- I'm so not an otho orthol ornotho ~bird watcher!Are they native to WI? Great pix, even with your old camera!

  14. What beautiful birds. Your old camera did a good job. Their coloring is just stunning. I wanted to ask you how do you get your name down in the bottom of your photographs? That is a really neat thing to do. If you don't mind me asking...thanks!

  15. What a GREAT Visitor to stop by!!!
    Thanks so much for the kind words about our New Arrival! We couldn't be happier :)