Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Are You?

Are you a cat person?  Or dog person?  Or are you both?  We have always been dog people.  The Mister is not very fond of cats.  I wouldn't mind having a cat, except I am extremely allergic to cat dander!!  If I enter a home that has a cat, I can feel what seems like a hairball in my throat and then my eyes start to water.  This all happens before I even get a chance to ask if they have a cat.  Oh, and help me if I sit on any upholstered furniture in that home.  Its inhaler and benadryl time!!!  So I guess I too would have to say I'm a dog person.  

Yesterday, we had a visitor-- a cute little cat.  It was a friendly little thing.  Evidently, the cat  belonged to somebody, as it really wanted to be around people.  It followed The Mister as he was picking up leaves.  I had to chuckle a few time when the cat wound around his ankles, causing him to miss-step!!  I was real proud of him, he didn't kick it or anything!!!

I wanted to get some pictures of the cat, because I wanted to have some fun on Facebook with them.  

As some of you may know our Cocker Spaniel, Rufus passed away last July.  We had him for twelve years.   I am over missing him, and have decided not to get another pet until we're no longer traveling.  It is just too hard to let a dog behind for the three months, when we go to Arizona.  

Anyway, back to Facebook.  I posted this picture with the caption... "Rufus has been replaced",  then sat back waiting for reaction!!

And reaction I got...........
  • First my girlfriend called me, telling me feeding a cat milk is not good for it.  How was I to know.  I don't think this little dish of milk is going to do it much harm.  I needed to keep it here for a little while to get some photos!!!  
  • Then my son called, telling me if I kept the cat, it would kill all my birds, and all the money we spend on birdseed would be wasted!!
  • One friend thought it would be OK to keep the cat, as long as I trained it to catch and play with bottle caps as Rufus used to do. 
  •  Other folks commented.... no way..... are you kidding?

Oh yes I was kidding!!! We can't keep the cat.  If it doesn't find its way home, or heaven forbid, its a drop-off that continues to hang around, we'll take it to the humane society.  

And that's the way it is....................


  1. Funny thing about cats -- they're not quite as loyal as dogs. As your little fellow did, they wander to other homes and become semi-adopted there. As my kids were growing up, we had a few cats, raised from kittens, but in my heart, I'm a dog person. Oddly, your allergic reaction to cats matches mine for certain dogs!

  2. Awesome photos ! Cats are loners and will get attention when they want on their terms . As for the cows milk it never hurt any of our barn cats on the farm . We have both Harley kitty and Miggy our country scruff pooch . We have lots of stray cats in our area and they don't seem to go after any of our birds at or around the feeders of course they know we have Miggy could be why ! Deep down I prefer dogs but Harley was a stray tiny kitten fending for her self and at the time we were with out a pet , I love all animals . Have a good day !

  3. I adore cats and dogs but am most fond of cats. This one looks a lot like our Trixie. You captured a great photo of her lapping the milk. I hope she finds her/a home.

  4. oh, it is a beauty, though. i love all animals. have almost always had dogs and cats, too. my heart is owned by dogs, however, if i have to admit it. we lost our barn cat earlier this year and i would love to have more, but with the dogs...

  5. Looks like she appreciated your kindness and posed nicely.

  6. HI Muffy...I am a cat lover...I don't know what I would do without one in the house : }!
    I love you story to darn cute ..I can just see the cat winding around his ankles..they always seem to go to someone who doesn't care for them ..look see me I am so cute LOL!
    He looks like a "Got Milk" commercial!

  7. I like cats, but since the last of our children's pets died we have neither a cat nor a dog...not even a fish. It is easier to travel, but sometimes on a cold fall evening it would be nice for a furry creature to curl up at my feet.

  8. I am a cat person but have had some wonderful dogs that were a part of our family and are missed to this day. Our two cats are now senior kitty's. It is kind of down to who will go first...My Frank and me or the cats. LOL

  9. i don't love cats, my son has them and i really struggle also. i like dogs but don't want one, i don't want to be tied down.

    it's a cute cat, but don't drop it here ;))))

  10. We used to be cat And dog people but now are neither. The only cats around are the strays that keep the mice at bay, and my birds...grrr, but glad we don't have mice in the house. Also, a couple of the kids and now the GrandLoves are allergic also. As for dogs, we lost too many of our dear pets to the traffic...we live on a state highway and they loved to chase whatever moved. That was the end of our sad faces and broken more pets, except for the fish in the aquarium. So it goes on our acres. We will watch the deer in the field and the woods from afar.

  11. I am a Dog person. However we have had cats when our girls were growing up. At one time we had four cats. Right now Jen has one cat and Trica's girls have four or five cats..they rescued a kitten and it is probably still there.
    I hated all the cat gets least the dog sheds in clumps.
    I think you are wise to wait to get another dog. You will know when the time is right.
    Cats get diarrhea from milk..I hope it find a home. We still have two feral cats around..and no we are not feeding them ..they can catch mice:)

  12. i love the face in the last photo and the shadow shot is wonderful. my husband is dog and cat person, i am dog person, but the reason for no cat, is they will not stay off me when i am sleeping. i am a light sleeper and cats like to move around and walk on people in the night. our dogs can get on anything in the house, but not the bed. sorry to read you lost your baby. we had Max for 15 years, he died in 2002, since then we have had 3, one has died and we now have 2. if you want to see them, my other blog is all dog... or look at the tabs on the top of Madsnapper.

  13. I'm a dog lover--Michael likes either but we only have Emmi--no kitties although sometimes with our mouse problems I think we need cats!

  14. I am totally a cat's don't bark continuously over nothing...

    Yesterday the neighborhood was so noisy we could barely talk, all those dog people letting their dogs bark, and bark themselves silly. It's almost as if they tune them out, and don't pay attention to the dogs barking. Everyone here has a tiny dog, and a giant dog, they bark at absolutely nothing, and then the next door dog starts, and the next dog, and so on...the sound carries so far.

    Do you hear cats barking all day?

    Why do people dislike cats? To me they are much cleaner, and nicer...keep them inside, they are safer.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. I like both cats and dogs, but don't have either one. Cute cat; sure hope it finds it's owner.

  16. Where do I start?? The milk won't hurt the cat, barn cats get milk every morning and they get as fat as the cat in the picture! It's funny everyone had a reason you couldn't keep it, is there a revolution against cats that I don't know about? Ok, here's my 2cents... my mother in law had to give away their little doggie because of their advancing age :(
    She misses her but she knows she cannot get another pet so when her neighbors cat comes for a visit, she gives him treats (ok'd by the neighbor) and pats. This way she has a pet but doesn't have to take it for shots or board it when she's gone! It's the perfect situation and the cat loves having two families...

  17. It's dogs for us. Cats just don't interest us, don't know why really. But you know what cats are like and they sense I don't like them and try to win me over by jumping on my lap and rubbing against my legs and purring !!

  18. I guess we are animal lovers because we have them both! Sorry you can't keep her...she would have enjoyed a forever home with you...that's why she found your porch, right? It took nothing for her to get a dish of milk! LOL.
    Wishing you a wonderful say!

  19. We're both dog and cat lovers and have both too. Hope your kitty finds its way back home...

  20. Muffy; It s a cute cat and looks to me like the milk isn't hurting one bit. I am a cat and dog person . Had many pets over the years but last spring 13 year old Buddy the mutt half shepherd half lab died and I won't be replacing her...... like you need to be free to travel.......

  21. I'm dog person but I do like cats too. She looks like a nice cat. : )
    I didn't know milk wasn't good for cats!!

  22. Hi, I love all animals. I have dogs, cats and chickens. That kitty looked pretty happy to me. I think milk in moderation is ok for cats.Blessings, Anna

  23. Its cats and dogs for us. My cat brought my dog up and now they chase each other all over the house. My cat doesnt go outside he is a scaredy cat... What is cute is when the two of them sit side by side looking out the porch door together. Its like one should be placing a paw on the other one and saying life is good...

  24. Aren't you just a prankster! And the comments are a bit of a hoot. A very nice looking cat