Monday, July 9, 2012

Sharing My World

Interesting things I found on my short ATV ride to Pickerel Creek Dam.

The water has taken on the color of the evening sky.

The Pickerel Creek Dam Bridge is one of my favorites.  I love the wooden deck, and the rusty but sturdy rails.  

The setting sun, creating cool shadows.

I saw five deer, but only one would let me take a picture!

And that's the way it is........................


  1. Such lovely photos. The sky's reflection in the water is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Muffy...Every time you mention the ATV it makes me wish I still had mine, but it was way to expensive for repairs ($700.00) that's just the part, so I cut my losses and sold as it was!! : {
    The first one is gorgeous,with that blue sky and reflection..what a pretty spot!! Love the rust and the rusty colored deer too! : }

  3. You live in a very pretty area! :)

  4. Beautiful and refreshing.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. oh those blues and greens are beautiful but nothing can beat the image of that deer!!

  6. Very nice photos of a lovely summer evenng. We'd never get even one deer to pose for a picture around here. I just love the still water shot.

  7. Sharing our individual world! And isn't that what "Pretty Blog Land," is about. :-)

    Great photography, my Dear!!!! And I love reflections, water, and shadows! Purrrrrfect. :-)

  8. Gorgeous pix! Thanks for sharing. I always feel as if I'm traveling to WI again, when you post your photos!

  9. Re: your comment in my blog today...

    How to get those little symbols or whatever, which I asked if people could seeeeeeeeee?

    Do what I have done, over time. When I see a cute symbol anywhere... I simply *grab/copy* it!

    Then I put 'em in a post, in my private blog (which I use for trying out new blog looks and stuff). Then they are always available for me to use. I can go "grab" 'em out of that post on my private blog.

    And with whatever hearts and etc., I am using at a specific time, I just "grab/copy" them, from today's post, into tomorrow's post. You will notice that I use the same *little stuff,* for a few days. Then I may change, to using other "little stuff," to separate parts of my blog... (The Ivy separator, and the Flowers separator, which I use sometimes... I simply "Grabbed" these little pics, somewhere, on the Net)

    But.......... One can not be sure, that what shows up on our own computer... As an understandable SYMBOL, shows up on anyone else's computer. -sigh- So, I ask, now and then.

    Does that answer your question, or am I mis-understanding? I can be very dense, ya' know. -grin-

  10. What really neat shots. Sure looks cool and inviting where you are. Loved the shadows of the bridge.

  11. Reminds me of one of the bridges I walk over around the lake.
    Great photos.

  12. Gorgeous photos, Muffy! I love the reflection of the sky in the enchanting~~~


    Thank you so much for the lovely comment that you left on my blog today~~~

  13. What a beautiful, serene place! I love bridges and water; a great combination for photos.

  14. I wish I had something that close to walk to; nice pictures.