Monday, November 23, 2015

Our "Bonus"

About thirteen years ago around this time, we first met our soon to be bonus granddaughter.  Her mother was dating our son, and this little girl won our hearts. 

I can't believe she is 18 today!!!. My oh my, where does the time go? 
One of my favorite memories of her, was the day our son married her mother.  Prior to the wedding this little gal called me 'grandma red hair' (I had red hair at the time.)  When she would refer to me as grandma to her dad, he would tell her I wasn't a real grandma to her.   
This moment is blazed in my memory for a long time:   
While I was in the reception line at the wedding, she ran up to me and said,
 " Now you ARE my real grandma". 
She stole my heart that day!!!

Charli would love to come to the cottage for Granny Daze, and she was such a big help.  From getting her cousins and sisters ready for the day, to helping roast marshmallows around an evening campfire, she was my assistant.

One of the favorite of our "Granny Daze" was the year we had a tea party.  Even though there were quite a few years difference in age of the other grandies and Charli, she was never to old to have fun!

There is one area that Charli & I don't see eye to eye.  That would be horses.  Horses terrify me!!!
 She has had her own horse since she was four or five;   a Shetland pony named Sunflower and she still has her.  

 Charli even had one of her senior photos taken with Sunflower. 

  Her other horse 'Brandi', was the one I went to the Bemidji Fair to see her show Brandi.   I was so impressed with the confidence Charli had sitting in the saddle and demonstrating the skills of 'rider and horse'. 

Ever since she was very young, Charli has always wanted to be a Veterinarian.  She is currently looking at colleges that will best help her fulfill that dream.  She has a long road ahead of her, because of her determination I think she will be one of the finest caring veterinarians around. 

I am so proud of the young woman she has become, with high standards and good morals. 
And can't wait to tell her how proud I am of her when she's here for Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Granddaughter Charli!!!

And that's the way it is...............

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The smoke from the wildfires out west and Canada has reached northern Wisconsin.  Like other parts of the northern United States our skies are hazy with filtered sunshine. 

Well, let me tell you the hazy skies have produced some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Last night Mr. Canon and I hitched up the 'Iron Steed' and went looking for interesting things to photograph.

Our first encounter was this mama and her baby.  They stuck around long enough to get their pictures taken, then  were off to greener pastures.

Our next encounter was the sun's reflection on a little pond, surrounded by woods.

There was a lone yellow daisy that said please take my picture. We did better than that, we took two!!!!


After a few photos of Pickerel Creek,  we were at the public boat landing on Rolling Stone Lake.

Yes, the leaves are starting to turn!!!


  The sunset was magnificent... I'll let you see for yourselves.

Notice the mallard's warming their feet on the large stone that's visible on the surface of the lake.



Because of the haze, the sun disappeared before it reaches the horizon.  I'm so glad we captured this one before it vanished.

And that's the way it is........

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Fairy Gardens

When the grands were here for Granny Daze, one of the projects we did was build individual Fairy Gardens. 
I picked out a fairy, little animal, and butterfly on a stick, on clearance last fall for each of the granddaughters.

 The bucket and flat marbles were purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Grandpa fetched us a bucket of sand and we were ready to construct our gardens. 

They quickly began working on their very own gardens. 

This grand's  garden shows her fairy laying on her tummy watching the fire, while listening to the babbling brook next to her.
They all really did an excellent job, and were so proud to take them back to their homes!!
 Grandson was a little bored with the whole project, and I can't blame him!!!
And that's the way it is...........

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fun on the Lake

Today was the 50+ club meeting.  We usually meet in a church basement with a pot luck and a guest speaker.   Every August we come out of the church basement and pontoon around Pickerel Lake. 

Not just one pontoon, we had five pontoons tied together to hold the 60 club members. 

I stood on the first pontoon to get a photo of all five.  The purpose is just to float around Pickerel Lake on a 'three hour tour'!!!

Our one and only stop is at a bar half way around the lake.  It is amazing to see the captain of this crew dock five pontoons in perfect succession. 

After a bathroom break and a quick refreshment we were back on the boats to continue our trip.

About an hour before reaching our destination, the cooking crew pulled away to get the grills started. 
We then go back to one of the residences of Pickerel Lake for a steak fry, who graciously allow the use of their yard for the cookout. 

These are the same people who purchase and cook all the steaks, and ask nothing for themselves.

Every one is asked to bring a dish to pass.  And when all these grandmas start cooking, it is an awesome pot luck.

Those people who donated all the steaks..... all they ask is a donation to:

You see many years ago, this couple had a grandchild who was very ill, and hospitalized away from their hometown.  The Ronald McDonald House held their family together during those difficult days.  The grandchild is now healthy, and his grandparents are dedicated to this organization.

I love days when everybody wins!!!  We had a good time, sharing jokes and stories with old friends, and making a few new friends along the way.  And of course The Ronald McDonald house won!!  I hope they won BIG!!!
And that's the way it is..........

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Granny Daze -- Water

We couldn't have Granny Daze without a few days of beach time.    The photos tell the story of how much fun they had swimming at Pickerel Point beach.

That only grandson, had such fun teasing his sister and cousins.  Mainly his cousins, as his sister has learned to ignore him!!!
And that's the way it is......



Saturday, August 8, 2015

To Dream........

Forty-six years ago today, we were married.  Back in 1969, the catholic church had many more restrictions than today.  For instance we could not be married after noon, so we had a 10am wedding. 
Only approve 'church' music was allowed.  Well I begged to differ,  we thought  the song "The Impossible Dream"  summed up our future lives.  Of course it was not on the approved list.  A few months before the wedding I met with the pastor, with the album and sheet music in hand.  We sat down and discussed why this song was so important to us. 

After some convincing he did allow it to be sung but only after the mass had concluded.  Tears rolled down my cheeks as the St. Francis Men's Choir sang it with all the enthusiasm in the world. 


And that's the way it is..........

Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 2

On the second day of Granny Daze............ 
                        we created our bleached T-shirts.  
I had picked up some t-shirts at the Dollar Tree for a buck a piece, and some practice ones at the Thrift store!!
   They were perfect to bleach out.

The first issue was protection. 
 Everyone had a chance to wear my old painting shirt.  (If you look closely, you may wonder if I ever got any paint on walls!!)  The eye and lung protection were my ATV goggles, and dust mask.  Because the bleach is in a spray bottle, they also wore protective gloves. 

Now we are ready to spray.  Each grandie had a turn spraying their shirts. 

When all four finished, we let the bleached spots dry, then I threw them in the washer.
After we came back from swimming their shirts were ready to model. 
And that's the way it is............