Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Summer Project

A while back, I was visiting my friend Barb.  
She had just finishing shortening curtains for her granddaughter's bedroom, and proceeded to throw away the scraps.
When I saw what she was throwing away; the wheels started turning and I saved those scraps from the landfill.

Those curtain bottoms turned into embellishments for the dresses I was making for my granddaughters.

Grand # 3 modeling her dress.

Here's a better photo of the embellishments:

They loved their new dresses!!  
So much so, they wore them to the mall when I took them shopping.

And that's the way it is..........................

Post note:  So many of you were asking about getting your blog printed.  I use Blog 2 Print.  You can google it.  


  1. they are really, really cute! very nice!

  2. Very creative, and the dresses are adorable on your precious girls!

  3. Cute dresses! :) Thanks for sharing what you use to publish your blog:)

  4. great idea to recycle those curtains and they made pretty appliques .. 3 sweet and beautiful girs.

  5. you are so clever muff and the dresses are adorable!!! now wait for it.......

    "you are so "green" you must be looking like kermit the frog"!!!! hehehehhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Such darling dresses! You're quite the creative genius!!

  7. Very creative and they turned out really great.

  8. Much too cute to end up in a landfill! The girls and their dresses are adorable. I love little girl dresses.

  9. Aren't you clever. Great idea. : ) They all look adorable in their new dresses.