Monday, January 13, 2014

The Desert Bar

Yesterday we ventured to the Desert Bar, which is located north of Parker, AZ.  
After we turned off  Hwy 95, we drove five or six miles back into the desert.   
Due to the condition of the road, this short trip takes about half an hour.

The bar was not too crowded. 
 The lack of patrons may have been due to; being its too early in the season, or because of high profile football games being televised this weekend.

None the less, there was a slight traffic jam of folks arriving.

The bar is only open on Saturdays and Sundays during the cooler months. 

 The live music is good listening and dancing.  
With no electricity, generators keep the band's speakers working and the beer cold.

This is the most eclectic of places!!! 

 Upon arrival visitors are greeted by a silhouette of a church:

Old fire hoses act as 'yellow lines' in the parking lot:

Also the owner has a few old vehicles displayed on the premises:

Tin Lizzy

Fire truck
Another truck

Interesting light fixtures grace the entrance.

There are tiers of seating for patrons, today we were lucky enough to get a 'prime' location.

Lower level

The original bar has a tin ceiling:

No old western bar is complete without a piano in the corner:

Prior to our arrival, it must have been a little chilly in the bar room, as there was still a blazing fire in the fireplace.  

It certainly is a unique place; with its horseshoe  chairs (do you recognize my hat?)   

Unique bathroom sinks,  are a must to see!!!

The view out of the bathroom's glass-less window was breathtaking:

If you're ever near Parker or Lake Havasu, Arizona on a weekend, this is a must see!!!

And that's the way it is.....................


  1. that is SUCH a cool place!!! loved the tour! (and still love your hat!)

  2. Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing with us looks like a fun place . Have a good day !

  3. Looks like fun. I envy they clear blue skies!

  4. A really unusual place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That was worth the trip to see. I have to admit I love desert scenery.

  6. ooohhhh looks like an awesome place BUT i thought we were going to a dessert bar (as in sweets and treats) spelled it correctly but do you see how my mind works ;)

    i liked the rusty rides best, i just adore those old trucks!!

  7. What a neat and really unusual bar. Looks like you had to know it was there to find it. Pretty heavy traffic for such a remote place. I really enjoyed your visit.

  8. How interesting! Glad you found this place and then shared it with us!

  9. Love all the details such as the ceiling and sink....neat place

  10. Fascinating photos. That sink is great and so is your hat! Enjoy the warmth.

  11. Looks like a fun place and a great place to take photographs too! Enjoy that sunshine I think a Blizzard is coming again here soon..windy and snowy today:(

  12. I would love to visit the unique and unexpected to find it out in the desert....thanks for was a fun visit.

  13. Oh what a fun place to spend the day. : )

  14. How fun! And I especially like your shirt!

  15. Very cool place indeed. Love it