Sunday, January 5, 2014

Settling In

Oh my, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Christmas.  We have been on a whirlwind since Christmas eve, when our daughter and family spent the afternoon and evening with us.   After our wonderful steak and shrimp dinner with all the 'fixins', we exchanged our Christmas gifts.
My grandson couldn't wait for me to open the gift he picked out for me!!!  

Not the best photo, but I did promise I'd wear my new 'Toy Story' hat wherever I went.  

Our granddaughter proudly displayed her gift from us!!  
The next morning brought fond farewells to daughter, SIL and grands. 
 We were off to our son's home near Minneapolis.   

 We took delight in saying good-by to the snow!!!

The afternoon of Christmas day was spent with our other set of grands and their parents.

This little grand was so proud to give me a gift she made at school.  It is a clay jewelry holder.  I can't wait until I get home to use it!!!

 This little one received the same gift as her cousin.  They do share a love of tea parties and dolls.  So I thought this gift would be perfect for the both of them.

Experiencing one last Midwest sunrise, we began our travels southwest.

With knee surgery just three months behind me, we had to take many more breaks than we normally do.  We stopped every two hours to give me time to take a five minute walk.

Two nights, and three days later we arrived at Lake Havasu, Arizona.  After the cold of Wisconsin, the temperatures felt like those balmy first days of spring.  
I am getting settled in and getting everything in its place.  
"The Garden"  taken from our patio.

And now its off to a friend's condo to cheer for those Green Bay Packers as they play San Francisco in the frozen tundra.  

 We are blessed to be able to travel to warmer climates in our retirement.  


And that's the way it is...........................


  1. yay for you spending time in warmer climes! LOVE your hat! :)

  2. i must say the glasses do go well with the toy story hat... LOL glad you are in warmer country now. we are at 80 right now.. bright sun, but Tuesday and Wed we have freeze warning.s arrrrrrrrrh

  3. Love the hat! So glad you got to spend the holidays with your family far and wide, but nothing like coming home to sunshine and warmth.

  4. Enjoy the warmer weather for me too. The handmade gifts from the grands are the best.

  5. Nice hat! I was looking at Vacation places to rent in that area...very few allow dogs...we are still not sure where we want to go yet. Enjoy that sunshine and warmth, you escaped just in is bitter cold here:(

  6. I am glad to hear that you have arrived safely in Arizona. The toy story hat is very stylin', especially with the shades.

  7. the Garden looks wonderful. Enjoy the warm weather.

  8. Glad you made it to warmer weather before Wisconsin got hit with the nasty stuff. Do you always stay in Lake Havasu--I can't remember?

  9. That is definitely a warm weather hat. Saw the game and sorry about the Pack. Sure didn't envy those poor fellows in that bitter cold.
    Looks like you had a great Christmas with family and you even got to have a white one.
    Welcome back.

  10. Lucky you -- escaping the frigid weather! Sorry about the Packers. Enjoy the warmth!

  11. You are such a sport, wearing your hat, I quite like it!!

    I won to tickets to the Super Bowl, gave them to my son!! You couldn't pay me to sit in that stadium, and freeze!! I am a football flat tire ;)

  12. Nice to got to spend Christmas in the snow with your family but nice to get back to warm weather.
    It's snowing like crazy here again.

  13. You escaped just in time! 28 below this morning in Minnesota, and only going to be a high of -15. Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  14. It's nice to hear that three-weeks out, you are able to travel!! Your grands are adorable, and so are you! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy the warmer weather!

  15. Love the hat.....and you are fortunate to be in a warm place right now... glad your knee surgery is going so well....where did the three months

  16. what a beautiful family, love the hat!! It must have been wonderful t drive away from the snow! I would love to drive away from this mess! I'm sick of snow!

  17. oh I forgot to say I hope your knee continues to heal and that you are pain free!

  18. Glad you got out of WI before the really cold hit. Wish I would have joined you.
    I love the hat.
    Enjoy the sun a little extra for me, K?

  19. Have FUN in the warmer weather!!!