Monday, June 17, 2013


After the house was sold, we decided to reinvest some of that money to update the cottage. 

 You  see, we never intended to live full time at the cottage.  When we moved our little trailer off the land we put up a side by side.  We could have ordered it with all the upgrades, but we did not.  We only ordered the extra insulation and good windows packages.  
 After our retirement we spent spent so much time at the cottage it was a given to just live here and sell the house in town.

Now the dilemma is: we're stuck with a "cheap" looking home.  
I have always loved white woodwork, so  now is the time to change out all the woodwork.

All the trim is neatly piled on the garage floor.

The doors are stacked in a corner.

The materials for the bathrooms are also in the garage....just waiting to be installed!!

New laminate flooring for the bathrooms, giving the appearance of ceramic tile.

  In the largest bathroom, we are taking out the tub and putting in a walk-in shower.  That piece is still en-route!!   Initially we wanted a ceramic walk in, but in talking with a few folks who have building experience,  we were told that ceramic was not such a good idea in a modular home, as they tend to shift.  Shifting would crack the grouting and we'd be facing a big mess.

I was happy with my existing kitchen cabinets.  I just wanted new counter tops. 
The current white tops are somewhat porous and hard to keep clean. 
 Well guess what!! 

The cupboards are not standard, being  two inches narrower than standard cupboards.  So off to the kitchen design center at the building supply store.  After a few hours we worked out new cupboards.  They are now stacked in front of the pontoon!!

The kitchen counter top is under the boat!!!

Not being able to get the pontoon out, I guess we won't be fishing until this remodel project is finished.   

 And don't forget the kitchen sink,  That's on a shelf .......

Whew, I'm getting tired just looking at all this stuff................. TO BE CONTINUED>>>>

And that's the way it is........................


  1. oh, my! that's a big (several) job(s)! good luck!!

  2. Keep a picture in your mind of how great it will all look when it's finished and that will get you through !

  3. Wow! That is a huge project, but what a blessing that you can upgrade your home to be exactly what you want. I hope it all goes smoothly...and quickly.

  4. Looks like you will be busy all summer! Those guys were correct with the ceramic tile it would shift and your grout would be a would not have liked it. Looks like lots of great upgrades! Take before and after photos!:)

  5. Oh--what fun, sort of I guess! It will be so cool when it is all finished!

  6. I am overwhelmed by all your projects. Hope you aren't. I don't see carefree retirement anywhere near in your future but it should be smashing when you are through.

  7. ooohhhhh that's a huge undertaking!! i find it to be fun, on the first day ;))))

  8. Such a huge project - but so much to look forward to! I love construction. :-)

  9. hope the summer last long enought to get all this done

  10. Whoa....big, big projects there. Hope it will all come together soon.

  11. No, it won't come together soon; it will take all Summer and you will be hating each other at times. But one day, sometime in the Fall, it will be done, and it will look good, and you will have people over just to Ooh and Aah at your handiwork.

  12. Yikes! You really bit off a lot! I hope you have a ton of help and a lot of fun doing it! I want before and after pix!!

  13. Big undertaking but the reward will be worth it. I look forward to seeing the progress.