Friday, February 1, 2013

It Works

Since we have been in Lake Havasu I have been sneezing like crazy.  It is nothing for me to sneeze ten to fifteen times at a crack.  And let me tell you-- I'm not one of those quiet sneezers!!  I'm sure they hear me all over the complex.    I have also been chocking and can't catch my breath.  A few times during these coughing 'fits' my husband was concerned that I may chock to death.    I attributed it to allergies.

I always notice a haze when I look at the mountains; never being able to see them clearly.  

 When I dust the furniture it is not like the normal dust I'm used to, but black.  

I use swiffers on the floor two to three times a week.  Even though we don't take our shoes off when we enter the apartment, it is only the two of us living here. 

This is two sweepings, of the small kitchen area and the bath. 

That's a lot of black dirt!!

The other day while browsing in a gift shop I found a Himalayan Salt lamp. 

 The internet says:  
   salt lamp is nothing more than a large, heated crystal of salt kept on a base. When a salt lamp is heated, the crystal ionizes the air. This makes the air cleaner, and it assists in controlling allergies and respiratory infections.

The Mr. was really skeptical when I bought it.  I really didn't know if it would work or not, but I thought; oh well it is pretty anyway!

That evening I put a tea light in my lamp; and all evening long... I did not sneeze, I did not cough, I did not choke.     And you know what, the Mister was the one that realized all those 'heart stopping' sounds coming out of me had ceased!!!    Now he's a believer in the Salt Lamp too!!

And that's the way it is.............................


  1. well i never! never heard of one and would never have believe it would work... glad the sneezing is over for you and a simple thing to fix it. we have the black dirt here to, every sweep even every day brings up a pile of black sand. wipe the windowsill and the rag turns black...

  2. Just normal dust here..I am happy you found something that worked. We have one of those clean air machines in the bedroom..I am not sure it does much good:)

  3. I'm so glad they help you!!! I ddid a post about them a while back, I believe in them, I truly do!

  4. Wow! I've seen those, but never checked them out. Perhaps I should! Thanks for the news.

  5. I so happy you've found some relief...that can be scary. I'm sure the Mister was very concerned hearing you cough so deeply. I've never heard of these lamps...I need something like this because I'm experiencing the same symptoms. However, it is now that dreaded flu bug! Take good care...For some reason i've missed your post. Thinking of you!

    Have A Lovely Weekend!

  6. Another learning occasion for me! Is that black stuff soot? smog? dirt? I must look into these salt lamps!

  7. it sounds like the black dirt you are having is coming from a venting problem, like the AC...just a thought, but it is a real problem for you that deserves investigation...if you're renting, especially.
    As for the Salt Lamp, I have never heard of that before but it certainly is interesting and if it works, heck ya, light that thing all the time.
    You aren't missing anything up north except another arctic blast of icy's nearly 11am and it's still -12 below zero. The snowmobilers are finally we got enough snow to open the trails round here. The Tuscobia is buzzing. I'd stay put for a while yet...enjoy that awesome sunshine.

  8. My swifter looks like yours but I have a dog...I have never heard of a salt lamp but it sounds like it worked

  9. I wonder if Lake Havasu gets any of Los Angeles' smog....usually in the early morning. There's enough to go around for sure and where we used to live in the San Bernardino Mountains, we were lucky that it blew up through the Cajon Pass out to the dessert....your way eventually. It missed us completely which was nice. Otherwise, another culprit MIGHT be a loose vent tube in your clothes drier if you have one. My daughter's recently came loose and she had the same sneezing fits as you. The air conditioning tip is worth checking into too. I'd heard about those rocks though and hey, if it works for you, don't fix it! : )

  10. oh, wow! had not heard of this. will have to keep it in mind! glad you got some relief!

  11. I have one of those salt lamps--via Arkansas Patti via Laurie. I think there is something to them and in any case, they look pretty. We are having an early pollen season here is FL and there is a lot of that black dust that I have to keep rinsing off the screens on the lanai. There is still red tide on the beach in spots. That is what makes me cough and sneeze.

  12. I've never heard of it but looks like it works. As a fellow allergy sufferer I feel for you. You certainly live in a very dusty environment.

  13. I've seen those, one almost took out Laurie one day...

    Let me know if it still works after a week or so...I am going to get one.


  14. That is awesome if it works and you stop sneezing. I know what you mean when you sneeze over and
    over and can't catch your breath, it scares you.

  15. nice don't want the neighbors yelling "bless you"!!!

    when the hubs and i first got married, our apartment was on railroad tracks, the dust/dirt, oooohhhhh mama was horrible!!

    i use those swiffers and love them. as soon as the phone rings, i grab one. while i'm yacking, i swiffer at the same time. talk about a multi-tasker!! (we do no shoes, just us, not company)!!

  16. Muffy glad the salt lamp helps, heard of people sitting old salt mines to help allergies..... think I would also check with locals they may know what it is or if they aren't having problems then try the air tip.

  17. I had not heard of these either. Thanks for sharing and I hope your allergies remain under control.