Monday, February 4, 2013

Friday's Adventures

While the guys were golfing on Friday, the gals decided to go out for lunch.
  The Chemehuevi Indians have a casino with an excellent restaurant across the river from Lake Havasu City, AZ. 
 It can be an all day trip by car.  
The tribe provides boat transportation from the casino to Lake Havasu City.

The boat is dual purpose:
 It transports workers from the casino,who live in Lake Havasu City.  
The 7am and 3pm boat transports school children from the California side of the Colorado River to school.  
The children take the boat as far as the landing, get off and board a school bus for the second part of their journey.

The boat charges a $2.00 for a boarding pass. 
 Being retired and frugal, we watch the daily newspaper for free boarding passes!!  
Passes in hand, the three of us board the boat. 
 As soon as everyone is seated the captain rings the bell and we are off to our lunch adventure!

Like many areas of the country, the Colorado River is no exception, the water level is getting lower and lower; as you can see by the shoreline.

As we cross we see a few lighthouses:

The view from the boat is just beautiful.

We have made it to our destination.   
As we walk in the door we are greeted by a beautiful waterfall.

The restaurant, 'Trail's End" has not filled up and we get a window seat.  
Looking out at the view does not make me miss the Wisconsin snow and cold one bit!!!   
You can see Lake Havasu City from here.  (The photo is a little discolored as the windows are tinted.)

Lunch was delicious.  I am sorry I ate it all before I thought to take a picture!!

While waiting for the boat to bring us back to the city, I snapped a few pictures:

The ducks were either snoozing in the sun................ 

or just lazily wandering around.  

As we waited we could see our boat coming in to the dock;  time to board and return.

As we walked on the pier to the boat, I noticed some of the handrails wrapped in rope.

At first I couldn't figure out why they would do that,  looks like a wonderful area for germs to collect.  
After giving it some thought, I realized the temperatures in the summer can get in to the 100's.  
Without the rope wrapped railings one could get burned touching the hot metal. 
 Brilliant, huh?

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with good friends.  

And that's the way it is......................


  1. This was so relaxing to look at and what a wonderful day you had.

  2. Hi Muffy...What a special treat in this lovely area sounds do relaxing!!
    Nice photos to show this special day the rope story!!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous day! You're right -- scenes such as these are way better than cold, snow, and ice.

  4. Sounds--and looks--like you had a wonderful day. Boat ride and lunch, what's not to love?

  5. nice muffy, it looks like those light houses had been "drinking" as they were a lil tip-sy!! hehe or perhaps the boat was rockin' or maybe you were rockin!! well anywho, sound like fun. i like food pictures so don't forget that next time!!

  6. What an interesting, fun adventure and your photos are beautiful. I believe the reason the river is low is because the snowpack hasn't melted off the higher elevations in the Sierra's yet. Come springtime and there'll be more than enough to go around I'm sure. Looks like Havasu sure beats all the winter weather we're seeing up North!!

  7. PS: Love the ship's bell. We had the same one on our boat! Brings a few nice memories back! :]

  8. great idea on the rope, i will tell hubby, in the summer we burn our hands getting in and out of the pool. easy to do to. i love that waterfall, and what a fun day out

  9. What a nice day. Free boat ride and great food. Love that waterfall. You weren't tempted to gamble in the casino?

  10. Ah the ducks! I love ducks..we have raised many over the years. I don't blame you for not missing the snow, did you see what the snow did to us on our drive home from NC last week? Ya snow......hate it! Can't wait to be out of the IN winters. Your tour was just lovely.

  11. Looks like just the right place to be.

  12. A free boat ride..and sunshine on the water and lunch with friend..sounds much better than golf! Did you win any more money?:)

  13. Beautiful photos ! Looks like a wonderful place . Glad you had a nice time ! I ma missing spring right now as it has been snowing on and off since Saturday it is pretty I must admit but growing tired of winter ! Thanks for sharing with us ! Have a good day !

  14. You aren't missing anything in our icy WI except if you are into the Polar Plunge.~~~ How does that song go, God is Great, the Beer is Good, and People Are Crazy...anyone jumping into lakes with a hunk of ice cut out for the 'plunge' have not gone south for the, girl, are smart! So it goes in our frigid north.

  15. I'm envious. It sounds like a perfect day to me, quiet and lazy, with good friends, good food, and camera opportunities. What's to not like? :)

  16. Ah heat....wrapped railings, sun, ducks, that are not frozen into icicles.

    When I look outside, it's snowing again.

    Well at least it's sunny where you are, lol.

    Enjoy, you deserve it.


  17. I Love these kind of days...spent with loved ones...and enjoying the beauty around you

  18. Muffy what a wonderful way to spend a day . Beautiful photos .