Thursday, January 3, 2013

Settling In

Our first day here took us to Albertson's.  We had to do start up grocery shopping, needing salt and pepper and everything else.  
We were very conservative and our bill was still over $250.00.  
Oh but the produce here, compared to northern Wisconsin, it is so fresh !!
I'm guessing tomatoes and all the other vegetables have shorter truck rides from the field to the grocery store.  

Our good neighbor, who arrived from International Falls early November, purchased me a tomato plant.  
I plan on nurturing it and take it home in April. 
 I will have to keep it in our sunroom, but will be able to carry it out for little walks in the sunshine during the daytime.  

      I'm gonna have the first ripe tomato in the

And that's the way it is............................


  1. I can close my eyes and just smell your tomato plant!

  2. me to, i can smell the tomato to... enjoy

  3. Oh what a wonderful place to spend the winter, you are returning right? Ah what is warm


  4. There is nothing like fresh vine ripe tomatoes...nice all the way around!

  5. Yes--those first weeks of trying to fill up the pantry, and the those last weeks of trying to use everything up--all worth the fresh fruits and vegetables. Although...oranges are having a bad year here in Florida. The strawberries are looking beautiful.

  6. ooo hoo! Thats wonderful!! I love that you take your tomato out in the sunshine!

  7. Nothing better than vine ripened tomatoes...enjoy:)

  8. Just think what it would have been had you "not" be conservative. Lucky tomato plant getting to take walks in the sunshine. They sound so good!

  9. While I am NOT looking forward to the heat of a summer spent in Texas I am looking forward to all those garden fresh tomatoes I'm going to have!

  10. Looking forward to seeing the first tomato on your plant.