Friday, January 18, 2013

Lake Havasu Balloon Fest

This is the weekend I have been waiting for: 

Balloon Fest 2013

 Early this morning, a few balloons began to rise up to the sky.     

 I managed to get a few good photos.   
I was on the third floor of the condo complex.
With some edits, I had fun with this one.    

This balloon was so close to the complex I could hear the 'burn' as they ascended.

These guys got in pretty close.   A bunch of us on the balcony shouted a big 'thank you' before they moved away from the building!!

We referred to this particular balloon as 'the car' balloon.
It looked like a '57 chevy was driving through it.  The license plate says it all!!

Just a street over from the condo 'the car' landed.

We could hear the resident's dogs barking inside their homes. 
 I know Rufus would have gone nutz if a balloon would have landed in front of our house!!!  
The chase truck was right there to load up the balloon and basket.

This is my favorite photo of the day:

Tonight we went down to the 'fest' grounds to get some good shots of the night glow!!  The wind never died down since noon today,  the glow was  cancelled.  We will try again tomorrow night.   

And that's the way it is........


  1. pretty close to you! i do like that cool chevy. :)

  2. Looks fun ! Awesome photos , oh look at the warm sun and palm trees oh I am so jealous ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good evening !

  3. You captured some great pics! Sounds/looks like a great day.

  4. this is sooo exciting, I love hot air balloons, I have never been in one but I think it would be amazing!!!

  5. so cool....or burnin' hot. What great shots too. Did you notice the one that landed was an advertisement for a repair shop? Made me laugh...very neat entry...
    As for raiding my pantry....anytime. Come on up. We will fix you some potato sausage and bake you a cake.

  6. That last shot is lovely..what a fun day! :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. Our Reno friends go to the hot air balloon festival there. I've never been so thank you for letting me tag along with you.

  8. I always wanted to take D for a balloon ride. They offered them at certain times of the year when we lived at the coast ... sometimes a breakfast was included. It just never worked out.

  9. Wonderful photos and oh I am so jealous all that blue sky and sunshine then the balloons on top of it....... terrific way to spend the winter..

  10. Talk about front row seats! Those are beautiful shots! I'm enjoying your trip as my parenets in their day and my husband's sister and brother used to frequent Laughlin and the Lake Havisu areas. I gather now their kids do.

  11. Mike treated me to a balloon ride for a birthday/retirement gift. It was wonderful.

  12. ooohhhh muffy, these are so fun and i am so happy you got to see this. we go to our festival every year and it truly is one of the best trips we take!!

    the only thing that tops seeing them, is riding in them. do it muff, you only live once and you would love it!! the feeling, the view, the colors, sights and can't be described with words!!!

  13. the 57 Chevy and your last pic.
    Have fun!

  14. And I an jealous! What a great place to take photos!

  15. Were they really that close to the building, or is that the camera, it looks pretty populated there.

    What a fun thing to watch, they have them here in October.

    Oh, me and old man winter making up? LOL, well aren't you in Arizona ..... hmmmm did you run away from him?


  16. Love the Balloon fests! It's amazing how close they were to the condo. that must have been a lot of fun!

  17. Love love the balloons...they are so colorful! The chevy is getting a nice ride! Lol! What a fun time this must have always have such lovely pics to show on your time away! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping are such a caring and giving person. We both appreciate your friendship! Take go care now!
    Love you!

  18. I love hot air balloons, and your photos are beautiful!

  19. Wonderful colorful photos - you had a great vantage point. We used to have these coming right over our house in Calgary, AB - unfortunately the samoyed we had at the time was deathly afraid of them and took off; fortunately after 2 days of frantic searching, someone turned her in.

  20. Air balloons are so neat. Love the picture through the palm tree. They are so colorful in the sky. Sure different styles, never see a car before.