Sunday, January 6, 2013


Last night we were invited to a friend's apartment to watch the match off with the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. 
 I thought it would be a good game as Minnesota beat us last week. 
 Many of the snowbirds are from the Midwest, so I thought we'd have some friendly rivalry!

The Viking fans were dressed in their best; not to be outdone by Packer Fans!!

The Vikings hit the field running, and scored three points right off the bat.  Wow, what fun we had cheering our teams on!!!

As the game progressed the Packers scored and scored and scored.  The game ceased to be as much fun as I anticipated. 
 After the first half, conversation began to shift to other subjects.  

All in all it was a good evening, lots of fun and laughs, great food, and the Packers Won!!!!

And that's the way it is...................


  1. I watched it.... until it started to get boring. Hoping the games today are more exciting!
    LOVE that Vikings sweater!!

  2. looks like you had fun watching...

  3. We watched Fighting Sioux Hockey..:)
    Way to go Packers..I know nothing of Football:)

  4. There go some true fans!! Glad you all had a good time.

  5. Wow...what a fun time...maybe next year, eh?

  6. The great thing about January is that football is almost over!

  7. WoW, that's some serious stuff!!

  8. You guys look like you are having a real blast!!! Love that sweater!

  9. Die hard fans! But it really looks like you guys had fun.


  10. What a great time and fun pictures!

  11. Packers rock!!! I see you're all tucked in for the winter in your sunshine. It's nasty winds today but the sun is shining. We are getting our spring thaw this week with rain and snow, in the 30-somethings. Sure wish I were where you are, lucky gal.
    Blessings, and Think of us freezing our be-hinders off way up here....grrr.