Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Open House

I would love to invite you to a holiday open house. 
 So, come on in and enjoy the festivities.

Thank you, I like it too!! 
I remember the day my daughter in law and I went shopping.  
She insisted I purchase this, she thought it was so appropriate for our cabin.  

Oh, I know, isn't out stable lovely?  
My dad made it. 

 The outside is weathered barn wood. 
 He shaved the other half of the board to look like new wood. 
 Dad made so many of these stables in his retirement, we used to laugh at him, telling him he was the anti-Santa!! 
He'd just smile, and continue delivering the "Message" in his own gentle way.

The shavings, also a labor of love from my dad.  
My statues have the appearance of being hand carved, and the wood shavings are an added touch. 
 Oh yes, it is not Christmas at our house until 
the Manger Scene is in place.  

You like my mantle?  I do too.  
This year I incorporated my cardinal collection with the painting of our cottage, painted by our son.   
 It has so much meaning.  
I hope he'll be pleased when he comes home for Christmas. 

What are these you ask? 
 My daughter  made these, and I can't imagine a Christmas without them!
When her son was three he drew the Santa, and when her daughter was three she drew the reindeer. 
 My daughter traced them on fabric, embroidered them and made them into little hanging ornaments or decorations.  

You are right, it is a wonderful Santa painting. 
 It was a gift from a gal whose friendship lasted over forty years, until her life was taken by cancer.  
I will always treasure it!

Oh yes, they are very old.  
They belonged to my Aunt Nellie. 
 I think they are miniature shiny brites. 
 I keep them in a  'Depression' glass bowl that belonged to my mother.  

Oh, I like these little people and the winter scenes they portray.  
I don't put them away after Christmas, they stay displayed all winter 
They fit perfectly in my hutch. 
 Before we lived here, I had them displayed on the mantle.  

See that little Christmas Angel. 
 My daughter made that for me a few years ago.  
I love it, and has become part of my traditional decorations.

Its getting late, please come back tomorrow to see the rest of my holiday treasures and memories.

And that's the way it is...................


  1. I am so impressed, you are most definitely ready for the holidays. so beautiful. i love that santa painting. and the ornaments are awesome and what a great idea. i enjoyed your open house, see you for the rest of it

  2. Thank-you so much for the invitation! Your home is a lovely mix of the best things about Christmas--hearth, family, friends, and so many meaningful memories attached to each item. I remember the red shoes!

  3. How delightful your Christmas treasures are. Each one a gift from the heart.

  4. Oh I have enjoyed your OPEN HOUSE immensely!! You have wonderful treasures!

  5. What a special treat to be a part of your open house.

  6. Hi Muffy...What heart warming stories to go along with your wonderful Christmas decoration... hopefully to be passed on with the same stories to continue to be told !! Love the stable, and I remember my Dad letting my sister and I make the curls in his wood shop..we used them for curly hair for are dolls... : )!!

  7. All looks so lovely ! Thanks for opening your house and decorations to us and sharing. Have a good day !

  8. Very festive...I love the photo of your home srrounded by the snow, so peaceful. My daughter had a pair of red shoes when she was a little girl...she loved them so much she slept with them on! Lol.

    Hugs & Best Wishes,

  9. It's so true that treasures abound in handmade gifts.

    What a beautiful collection of vintage, and new, all with a wonderful Christmas spirit in them.


  10. Love your manger scene..It doesn't seem like Christmas until I unwrap mine either! I love your Shiny Brites in that antique bowl..looks like that one has three legs and is ribbed..I have one like it around here someplace. You are looking all ready for Christmas..I bet you are counting the days til you are warmer:)

  11. What a lovely tour. I feel very welcomw and comfortable in your home. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. oooohhh muffy, the cabin looks beautiful!! so warm, comfy and inviting....all your decorations are so special!!

  13. Beautiful Christmas decorations and all with so much meaning. I've missed my Christmas stuff this year!