Thursday, December 20, 2012

Open House - Day Two

Why thank you for coming back to see the rest of our Christmas decorations. 

This tree top is so very special. 
 I think our daughter was twelve or thirteen when she went to a neighborhood holiday craft sale. 
 She purchased this angel for our tree topper. 
 And that is where you can find this hand crocheted angel year after year.

Isn't this a darling picture of our two oldest grands.  I took it about eight years ago. 
 It turned out so cute, that I enlarged it to an 8x10 and it has become part of our display year after year.

I found a wall to hang this little tin punch picture. Our daughter made it while she was a Brownie Scout.

This is something new.
  I saw something similar at a holiday party I attended.  
I liked it so much, I came home and replicated it with things I had. 
 It is silver ornaments in a tall vase, then silver do-dads coming out the top of the vase. 
 I'm not sure it fits very well with our traditional things,
but I do like to mix things up a bit.

All the gifts have been purchased and are wrapped and under the tree.  
This year I used brown paper, and red and green yarn for the ribbon.

And finally you get to see our tree, 
awaiting our family Christmas get together this weekend.    
Thanks for visiting.

And that's the way it is...............


  1. So many treasures...I love the tree topper. Looks like you are ready for the celebration. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

  2. Day two was just as lovely as day one! That tree topper is just awesome - and the "tin punch" - certainly a treasure!! What FUN you're going to have this weekend!!

  3. I enjoyed the Rest Of The Story... beautiful tree and so many wonderful memories in your home. i do like the new ornaments, great idea.

  4. Very beautiful. The tree with all those presents is spectacular.

  5. Such sweet treasures! And I like the brown paper wrapped gifts. That last shot of the tree and fireplace is so inviting! Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Enjoy your family and the holidays in your lovely home...

  7. My grandmother always wrapped her Chrsitmas presents in brown paper tied with red string. Her gifts were so special that I decided to do the same and have for years. I'm never without a ball of red string around the place and used to turn grocery bags inside out in a pinch. I'll also often sketch green holly leaves and red holly berries on them for extra flare. So for me, yours look just right sitting beneath your lovely Christmas tree. What a warm and welcoming Christmas home/hearth picture! Thanks for sharing your lovely decorations.

  8. Everything looks lovely ! It is cold and very windy here today , we may finally get our snow as of Friday night into Saturday WOOHOO ! Have a good day !

  9. day 2....just as beautiful as day 1, maybe better!! your packages look perfect and plentiful and house just looks like the perfect place to spend christmas!! i love your tree, what a lucky family you have!!

  10. love the tin punch! sweet wrapping job! love it!

  11. What a pretty tree..great idea with the brown paper..all one color so simple but cool looking! I like your tree topper too..she is beautiful! :)

  12. The tin punch picture is such a treasure, you have many treasures the photos of the grands is beautiful too. I think your tree beside the fireplace looks just amazing, the brown paper is such a great look.

  13. Looks like your set and all ready to go. I didn't do much decorating this year I'm afraid. I like your gift wrappings. Plain and simple. Your tree topper is lovely too ... your daughter did well.