Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Our family tradition is the dressing my mother used to make, using her mother's recipe.  It has been twenty-six years since mom brought her dressing to a Thanksgiving feast.  I have been carrying on with the tradition since she  passed.   
Today, I want to share our families  traditional  Thanksgiving Dressing.

The remaining bread heals and buns that have been left in the freezer after summer activities, becomes the basis of our dressing.

I let the breads dry out for a week or so.  

Now the fun part begins.  I add enough chicken broth to get the bread mushy.

I then saute celery in a stick of butter

When the celery is softened, I add diced onion to the pan.

When the onions are translucent, I add this to the soften bread

Then I add about a pound of raw hamburger, and a pound of raw ground pork.

Plop a couple of raw eggs into the mixture!

Next comes the seasonings; salt, pepper and sage.  I love lots of sage.  Some years I actually grow my own, just for the dressing.

Mix it well, and put it in the oven.  Stirring often is a must, with a whole stick of butter in the mixture, the edges tend to brown quickly.

I have my dish to pass ready to bring for Thanksgiving at our daughters~~~

Do you have special family recipes or traditions on Thanksgiving?

I wish you and those you love a wonderful day of sharing traditions and making some new ones.  Praying for those who are no longer with you, and welcoming the new members into the family. 

And that's the way it is.............................


  1. The beginning of my recipe is similar, but we don't add meat. I'm photo recording it tomorrow, and I'll show the pix on Sat. I absolutely love that bowl!! Mine will just be in a cut glass bowl -- not Thanksgiving-like at all. Have fun at your daughter's celebration!

  2. This sounds/looks delicious. My late mother did not use meat in her dressing but lots of sage. Wishing you all a delightful Thanksgiving.

  3. have never had stuffing w/ hamburger. my mom did a mix a lot like that except she used ground 'innards' (chicken and turkey gizzards, liver, hearts).

  4. Thank you for sharing the famnily recipe! I've never heard of putting meat in dressing. That is definatly a special and unique keepsake recipe. Our Thanksgiving traditional food that I always look forward to is my grandmother's dressing. It's cornbread based. None of us have managed to make it quite like she does. I need to get her to give me a lesson on it again. Enjoy your day of Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi Muffy ..looks delicious...Mom made her's like you right up to the meat and eggs! She stuffed the turkey with it!!
    My favorite was the home made pumpkin pie and the mincemeat pie!! Mom and Dad made and canned the mincemeat made using venison!
    You all have a great Thanksgiving Day !!


  6. this looks amazing, we make the same dressing too but we never add the meat, I will try the sausage this year, sounds wonderful!Your Mom's dressing is beautiful!

  7. I've been looking forward to seeing your stuffing since you mentioned it the other day....oh that looks good. Yummy!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


  8. oh yum!! I use the same ingredients except the use sausage instead of hamburger...thanks for the new idea! I guess my sausage stuffing is now a tradition here!
    Happy thanksgiving.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your recipe..you are a better cook than me. We welcomed a new great nephew on Saturday..he lives in Oregon..so far away.
    I like stuffing with apple and raisins..my grandmother made it that way:)

  10. i have never made dressing or a turkey, my mother did it even after i got married, hubby bob took over the turkey/dressing 28 years ago, and did it for Christmas and Thanksgiving. 2 years ago we stopped eating at home at go out for those meals. Bob makes his mothers German Dutch potato stuffing and it is divine.... mother made hers like yours but no burger, she did what Tex said, innards from the turkey. have a wonderful day

  11. Wishing you a very happy, blessed Thanksgiving, Muff!!!

  12. My recipe came from my Mom. It was made nearly the same except using pork sausage and no hamburger. Sage, parsley, onion and a dash of garlic powders, lots of sauteed onion, celery, chicken broth and of course, the butter all with the egg to hold it together, even the liver, heart and skinned gizzard were used. It's still my favorite dressing, sometimes inside the bird, but lately in a casserole like you. I fed 15 last night, about half what I usually feed.
    The pumpkin pies disappeared before our eyes, along with all the trimmings. Then the kids vote on who will host Christmas. Hope your Thanksgiving was Happy.

  13. My Mom's best dressing recipe was with Oysters. Of course only 1/2 of the family liked it so she made regular stuffing also. Like your other comment she did not use meat. Very unique. I love the old family traditions.
    Our family has to have deviled eggs and a relish tray with celery stuffed with cream cheese and/or peanut butter.
    Happy Thanksgiving.