Sunday, November 4, 2012

Green Bay Packers and Egg Rolls

Every Packer game finds us at "The Walleye" a local pub and eatery.  Everyone brings a dish to pass for half-time.  During one of these gatherings I must have been thinking out loud and said something like.  "One of these times I should bring Egg Rolls." And the crowd has been asking ever since!!!    I learned to make egg rolls from my Japanese neighbor lady many years ago.  I was a little fuzzy as how to make them, so I did a little research to refresh my memory and attempted to make them!!  It is an all day project, not hard but putzy!!

The main ingredient is cabbage.

I used most of a three pound head; cutting it as thin as possible.  Next came the carrots.

I shredded three good size carrots.  Oh I know, I could have bought these two items pre-shredded but I prefer the fresh.  The last item to dice up were the tops of two bunches of green onions.

Then to mix all three of these ingredients together.

The mixture has to be cooked down  and the 'secret' ingredient added!!

On Friday, I took a partially frozen round steak and sliced it as thin as I could.  The key ingredient is sugar and soy sauce when browning the meat.  

Bean sprouts area must.  I opened two cans and rinsed them well. 

All the ingredients were combined in the biggest mixing bowl I have. 

Oh, finally, I get to roll the mixture in the egg roll wrappers.

Tucking in the sides and sealing them with an egg wash. (one egg beaten with one tablespoon water)

Now the fun begins.... frying them.  I ended up with forty-three egg rolls. I fried up a couple for our lunch and to share with the neighbors.  

Mission accomplished, after thirty-some years of not making them they turned out perfect.


And that's the way it is........................................



  1. Hey that did't look as hard as I've always imagined making egg rolls could be!

  2. i love egg rolls and the next time i eat one in a restaurant, i will have a lot more appreciations for it. had no idea how much is involved in creating one. and i bet the home made is a lot better.

  3. I used to make them with chicken, and my secret ingredient was sesame oil. Is that peanut butter?

  4. Now that is impressive. They look really good. I have never tried to make these. My sister and her husband make them sometimes, but they are more into cooking than I am. i think that if i ever get interested in football it will be for the food.

  5. Fiddly! But they look tastey. I would hate to give them away after all thst fiddliness.

  6. Oh they look sinfully delicious!!! Oh sigh, oh my! I remember enjoying even the kind, you can buy in the frozen section. -grin-

    But no more. Too much Sat/Fat in fried foods. Plus, I can't eat gluten so the wrapper, is off limits too. but such is life. :-)


  7. HI Muffy...they look down right delicious, and isn't it to know that after all those years that "You've still got it girl" ; )

  8. I love egg rolls. Thanks for the recipe! Go Packers!

  9. Wow, they look fantastic. I'm adding this to my recipes, and I can make a meat or veggie variety for our next get together. Thanks! (Sorry -- no rooting for the Packers, though! LOL!

  10. Now I am hungry...sigh. Great recipe, and it looks easy to make.


  11. I have never eaten an egg roll..I might like them..except for the onion..looks like lots of work:)

  12. Oh my goodness, that looks yummy!!!

  13. uummmmm, can you mail me one?? they look like a lot of work but i agree with using fresh ingredients, not the pre-shredded stuff.

    if i am going to bother cooking, which i am not a big fan of, i like to cook this way. no short-cuts!!

    do you have my address?? hehe

  14. Love egg rolls AND the Packers!!!!!!!!!! Very good post! :)

  15. Was that secret ingredient peanut butter? Looks good. Thank you for the step by step pictorial directions....they are helpful to a poor cook like me :)

  16. We LOVE egg rolls. Maybe one day this winter when the snow is flying and we have nothing to do (or sick and tired of cleaning out the house) we will try this. We love anything with cabbage. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Clever you. I'd like to try one of those. I'll be right over !!!!!

  18. And now I feel incredibly hungry for an egg roll! :) I am copying your recipe.

  19. It's been years since making these, only I have made them with ground pork. I have to try these again~~your way.
    BlessYa, now I'm all kinds of hungry! Yes, way to go Pack!!!