Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Frugal Fashion Show

Or something like that....  One of the local churches had a fundraiser; fashion show/salad luncheon with a twist.  Everything had to be extremely reasonable or recycled.
I was lucky enough to be invited by my dear friend to join her for the luncheon.  Upon arriving, we paid our fare, and were given name tags.  Being frugal, the name tags were cut from brown shopping bags, and trimmed with orange ribbon. 

The tables were decorated, using the paper sack theme.  This time using brown lunch bags, a little tissue and some dried grasses.  Aren't they clever?  Pinterest, eat your heart out!!
The emcee reminded me of Bea Arthur.  Sue is a retired Jr. High, or High School teacher, and had not lost her sense of humor.  She entertained the ladies with her quick wit and kept the program moving.

The opening act was a Sonny and Cher lip sink, which was absolutely hilarious.
After the entertainment, we were invited to get our salads, made by the members of the church.  I didn't get a chance to get a photo of the salad bar, but I did get one of the dessert table.  Aren't they wonderful?

After our delicious lunch, the fashion show began. 

 The gals proudly wore outfits they found at GW Boutique, St Vincent' De Paul, garage sales, or other thrift stores.  They even displayed price tags indicating the cost of the apparel they modeled.

One sweet little lady  told a little story about visiting the doctor, with a plea for a mammogram.  When she opened her housecoat everyone had a good laugh, as she told us her physician suggest she go to the farm store for help!!

All kidding aside, in her humorous way, she reminded the audience that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and everyone who has not had a mammogram in the last year, should make an appointment to do so.  

After the fashion show, there were a couple of 50/50 raffles.  In keeping with the recycling theme of the day, the tickets were used playing cards.  One purchased a ticket for a $1.00 or 6 for $5.00.  A ticket was a card, which you ripped in half, put half in the basket and kept the other half for the drawing. 

Look at all the tickets I bought, and didn't win a thing!!!  

Oh well, it all went for a good cause!  The ladies of this church are doing some updating of the rectory with the  profit of today's frugal event.  

And that's the way it is......................


  1. What a creative fund raiser....I love events like this...sorry you did not win the raffle...I never do. I will have to share this idea at my church some time. :)

  2. oh m, i really love this entry, some very clever ideas!! i adore that centerpiece, we could do that for fall!!

    i don't need a picture of the salad table.....i would not have eaten from it anyway. i would have saved all available room for that desert table ;)))))

  3. What a great way to raise the rectory funds. and so much fun. I loved it all, but that Breast Cancer Awareness is
    a ' moooving ' scene. Loved Sonny and Cher, what laughs they must have gotten. So did Sonny toss her/his hair?
    Great entry.
    Just caught up where I left off with your entries. Those are 'some' cabbage, and great price ata
    Also, nice produce at the waysides. Those large squash look like Hubbards and have a very rich flavor. I still am partial to the Buttercup Squash, tho. And those Mums, wow again.
    Sounds like you have camera woes too. Mine has been doing like yours, so let me know if it was a pricey repair. I
    'squeak' at repairs.
    Oh, I know what you mean about missing all the colors.
    Thanks also, for your thoughts and prayers. I'm at least able to do a bit of reading and commenting finally and am feeling a wee better today than yesterday. Still a little dizzy, but better.

  4. I enjoyed this post and photos so much. What a wonderful outing.

  5. Great post and photos I had a good giggle ! Looks like a great time was had by all ! Thanks for sharing with us .

  6. Sounds like a fun event and a good way to raise funds! The dessert bar looked yummy! :)

  7. I love using playing cards for raffles..what a clever idea. And
    that was so neat the ladies wearing the prices they paid for their
    clothing. I know I have found some great bargains at garage sales,
    and good will. Loved the dessert photo, however, I would have loved
    the salad table better, I know I'm weird!

  8. I agree--such a clever twist on a fund raieer. It had to have been fun. Sonny and Cher really tickled me. My college roommate and I dressed as S & C for Halloween our freshman year. I must still have that picture....somewhere.

  9. That's a great idea, I wonder who came up with that. Love it.

    And it sounds like everyone had great fun.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. What wonderful ideas! Someone at that church is very creative! Wish I were still active in things, I'd definitely be 'stealing' some of these!

  11. Muffy
    What a fun time you and your friend had... those desserts looked so good.....laughed out loud at the lady who needed the mammogram.....
    Thanks for sharing gives me some ideas for a Red Hats event........

  12. wow!! you church ladies sure know how rot do things!! looks like fun for everyone!

  13. Wonderful post and sounds like a fun event - what a great sense of humor ! Especially liked that mammogram request - what an udder delight ! ;>)

  14. i love all this foolishness, made me smile all the way through it. love that cow..

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