Friday, September 14, 2012

Frost Advisory

There are frost advisories tonight, for us in the  northwoods.  Its hard to believe that summer has wound down, and fall is on its way!!  I started to clean out my flower beds today.  They are not getting new buds, so I cut  off the existing blooms, to enjoy inside for a few more days!

It has been such a hot summer, I welcome fall with open arms.

These September mornings are cool and damp, which gives me time to get started on my Christmas sewing projects.  (More about that later.)
 Last week, I changed my house decor to fall and harvest.  

The hutch becomes a pumpkin patch; and my newly picked flowers look so nice on the fireplace.

Tomorrow I am going to a huge craft and art fair.  I am hoping someone is selling homegrown pumpkins.  I would love a few to decorate my porch.  

And that's the way it is.............


  1. You have your home looking so festive for fall. I hope you'll have a great outing tomorrow. Your floral bouquet is beautiful.

  2. Love your decorating ! Frost WOW ! still a little early for us . Oh I love a good craft and art fair have fun .

  3. The weather reporters are saying frost warning for tomorrow night. It reached the 80's again today but a cold front is supposed to pass through tonight. I wish it were practical to mail you a pumpkin. Honestly, they are everywhere around here. Even our little library is selling them as a fund raising endeavor.

  4. What a nice arrangement you made of your fall blooms! I also enjoyed seeing the doily. I've always been partial to doilies. :)

  5. Love love your bouquet from your garden...such festive colors in your home. I Love autumn colors! I can't believe you are expecting frost tonight! We are still in the 80's near 90's! What a difference...
    Take care my friend, and have a nice cool weekend!

  6. I hope you have a good time at the art and craft show.. I am looking going to a Fall festival. Your fall decor is great. Love your pumpkin patch :)

  7. I have two Zinnia bouquets in the house, also did one for my Mother. We have the same colors. A tip for you, pull the leaves off that touch the water and your water will stay clear longer. My Grandmother told me that so many years, and it's one of the things she taught me that actually stuck in my thick head.
    I LOVE your Pumpkin Patch decor. If you're going through to Hayward again, stop. I have pumpkins. Most are small but they are still pumpkins of many colors. Have a great weekend, Muffy. Oh, thanks again for the Cake-in-a-Mug recipe from many entries ago. We just had a treat last night.

  8. lol, silly me, I just realized those might be Dahlias, none the less, the leaf trick works for any flowers requiring a drink.

  9. A lovely introduction to the soon-to-be-here fall season ! We had a low of 35F here a couple of nights ago and there was some light frost on the chicken coop roof. We've bounced back to 84 degree days and 60 degree nights, but we've been warned.

    Summer can't be over yet, can it ? Indian summer anyone ?

  10. You look all fallish! The vase of flowers is lovely..I like Dahlias! I will decorate something soon..I put one sunflower flag out..moving slowly into fall:)

  11. We had some light frost a couple of mornings ago. It seems a little early. What fun autumn decorations you have. Inspires me to put out a few of my own.

  12. I love your fall decorating, it makes me want to go in that direction, but I am still holding back a little.

    Frost already? We did have warnings up here, but only on the flats.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. To answer your ??...yes, I do have to buy staples like flour and sugar, milling here anymore.
    Also, no, around Christmas is when I make my gift jellies and jams, etc. It's imbedded in my genes since I was wee.
    Thanks so much for the morning chuckle. I needed that. I have an epidural injection in my back today~~~grrrr.
    BlessYa and thanks so much for making me smile this morning.

  14. a wisconsin gal!!! (i was raised in central wis and moved to texas when i was 20 - hence the texwisgirl moniker).

    thanks for finding me! i get terribly homesick for wis in the fall. we don't get those vivid colors of maples, here. *sigh*

  15. oh muffy, those flowers are gorgeous and i see a full wheelbarrow in the background. fall garden cleaning is hard work!!

    i am an advit decorator, i almost teared up at your fall decor!! it is so beautiful and i want to decorate so much but simply don't have the energy!!

    thanks so much for all your kind, beautiful emails.....all of which touched my heart!!

    ps....i am overjoyed to see texwisgirl here, you are going to love each other!!

  16. We dropped into the 40's last night, Old Man Winter has his bags packed for Arkansas too! Beautiful flowers, I don't have anything blooming here after the hot summer we had. I love your fall decorations, I still don't have mine!