Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Beat Goes On -- Cousins and Friends

As a Christmas present to my cousin Kathy, her son and daughter-in-law promised to bring her north to visit us for a weekend.  Her daughter in law and I coordinated dates, food etc. 
Oh my goodness it was good to see her again.  Growing up, we were friends first, and cousins second.  She is the main reason, I am so insistent that my grandchildren get to know each other becoming friends and cousins. 

During the years of our youth, every summer meant spending two weeks together, one week at Kathy's parent's house, and one week at my parent's house.

My husband took her kids atving, while Kathy and I visited and reminisced about days gone by.

Our daughter and her family have a camper on land a few miles down the road.   On Friday night, we had a campfire, which was a great time for our daughter and her family to really get to know Kathy's son and his family. It was so interesting that they all have snowmobiling in common.  As they got to know one another better, they began making   plans for a snowmobiling weekend at the cottage. They laughed and giggled because the Mister and I wouldn't be around, as we will be in Arizona for the winter; and they'd have the cottage to themselves!

Both Kathy and I just smiled.  Because of this weekend, we now know that the next generation will also be cousins and friends.   

   And the beat goes on!

Kathy and me being 'young at heart.' 
 It was just like old times, laughing and giggling.

And that's the way it is...................................


  1. What a big blast!!!!
    I noticed ATV'rs had coats on. Is it that chilly in your neck of the woods already?
    Making memories with family is forever!

  2. What fun!!! Loved seeing your photos.

  3. Hi Muffy...How nice to have some time with family seems families are scattered all of the place these day's!
    It is funny how we get to talking about old times and our behavior goes there to LOL!! ; }

  4. Sounds so wonderful, there is nothing like family.

    And those you have a special connection to are even better.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Good for you! You are a Christmas gift!!:)

  6. How fun! My granddaughters met their second cousins for the first time this summer when they were visiting us. I agree with you that it is important to make opportunities for the next generation to get to know each other.

  7. really nice pictures muffy!!! but if you love kathy so much, why are you choking her!!! (sorry, i couln't resist!!) and i say that because i know you "get" my sick sense of humor!!

    looks like you had a lot of fun, i think with you, that would be easy!!!

  8. Sounds like great fun spending time with your cousin/friend. : )

  9. I think cousins have a special bond! I, too, enjoy the next generation getting to know each other!

  10. oh I loved this post!! good for all of you!! loved the pics too!

  11. It's so great to see your families staying close, hard to do these days! You live in a beautiful place and I'd love the snowmobiling.. I think! My husband is the opposite, he grew up in Florida and complains about our mild winter. The pictures of you guys are sooooo good!

  12. Oh Muffy, what a refreshing sight to see. I too, love for the kids and theirs, to get to know one another and above all, stay in touch as true friends. One of the boys just accidentally met one of his cousins he had not seen since he was a kid. They made 4-wheelin' plans for Labor Day weekend. We cannot wait to see them together again.

    It's such a fast world and the closeness of family and friends is essential to stay grounded. Loved this heartfelt entry. You two are hilarious. Loveit!!!

  13. What a happy two look like your having way to much fun LOL. :)