Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Horses- One of My Least Favorite Animals

As some of you may know, I have no love for horses.  I refer to them as hay-burners, or soap factory material.  I apologize to any of my horse loving blog friends.

Let me list the reasons I hate horses:
  1. When I was sophomore in high school, my friend and I were hanging out at the local mini-golf course.  The folks who owned the golf course had recently purchased a horse from a family about 3 miles down the road.  Later that Sunday afternoon, my friend Alyce and I were going to take the horse for a ride.  They put the strap thingys around its head and gave us the reins.  Alyce and I got on and were going to ride bare back.  The first thing the miserable old nag did was to buck  Alyce off its back, the reins flew out of my hands and around the front of the horse.  I hung on for dear life, with my arms around its neck, and the horse took me on wild ride back to its original owner.  The golf course kids followed by car, laughing at the site of me on a runaway horse!  I was never so scared in my life; my biggest fear being: the horse would trip over the reins that were precariously dangling in front of it.  I was sure I was going to die!!!  
  2. Our senior year, the future Mister and I decided to go horse back riding with saddles and everything.  He assured me they were well behaved horses, as they were trail horses.  In my opinion-- the worst kind of horse.  But back then, what did I know?  We each got a horse, and rode the paths through the woods.  The miserable old nag that I was on, decided she didn't want me on her back any more, as we wound through the woods, every tree that she could get near, she would try to scrap my leg against the tree.  I left that experience with bleeding legs.   
  3. Did I learn from those first two experiences... oh heck no!!!  I think I was out of high school when a group of us went riding; again trail riding.  This time I knew about trail horses, held the reins tight and kept it in the middle of the path.  No scraping my legs this time.  All went well, until, the miserable old nag saw the barn.  There was no stopping it!  Taking off lickety-split towards the horse barn.  It never slowed down as it entered the door!!  I had to duck in order not to be decapitated!!  I now have learned my lesson.  No more horse riding for me.  
  4. The last and (trust me) final experience.  A local family was having an 'olden days' exhibition. Our family and another family took our kids to this exhibition.  All was going well, I was enjoying the gardens, and flowers, while our kids were having fun on hay rides, and field demonstrations.  My friend wanted to go into the horse barn to look at the other horses that were not being used for the demonstrations.  We got to the stables, and my friend said,  "Look, that horse hates you!  Its nostrils’ are flaring and its eyes are glaring at you."   The large black horse looked like it was posessed !!  "Oh I know, horses hate me," I responded.  If the miserable old nag could have gotten loose, I know it would have trampled me.  
Thirty years have passed since my last encounter with a horse.  That record is about to change.  My granddaughter has become quite an equestrian.  She choose to stay in Northern Minnesota this summer, instead of being with her mother and my son who live in 'the cities'.  Why?  Well a horse named Brandy held her there.   

She worked with her horse, with the help of her dad's sister all summer;  Learning riding skills and maneuvers.

The second weekend in August, she entered herself and Brandy in the County fair competition.  I would have loved to have been there, but a nine hour drive was out of the question.  We just couldn't make it work out.   Hopefully, we can get there next summer to see her compete.  

She earned a ribbon and gained lots of experience as to what the judges are looking for, to work on for next year.  I am so proud of her for finding a dream, and making an effort to make that dream come true.

And that's the way it is...........................................


  1. Awwwwww how sweet!!!! Your "Grand" is succeeding with horses, as you never... "Could." :-) So great for her.

    Our oldest Granddaughter used to ride, but never did any competition. Her Mother rides at the place, weekly, still. She loves, loves, loves horses.

    I have never been on one, and am scared of them. No bad experience. Just fear of this great big animal. When they were both riding, I went over one day and managed to "pet" a sweet horse. We went in the barns and I fell in love with a scary looking black horse. Well, fell in love with from a bit of a distance. -grin- But I would love to have gotten the chance, to know him better. Just because he was big and black and such a challenge.

    Did not though. Perhaps I ought to ask D-i-L if I can go over again, sometime when she goes to ride. Just keep trying to get closer... Maybe... Maybe... :-)


  2. And both Jaz and I love your comment today, on my blog! About you having a Gate Keeper too. A dog! Love it!!! I had to tell it to my husband too.

    I love, love, love all the big old summer "cottages," as they were called, in my city. And I love all the history and stories, which go with them. LOVE 'em. But this one, doesn't fit. -pout- But NOT being "Queen Of The Universe", I couldn't stop it from being built. -gigggggles-


  3. Congrats to your granddaughter! I enjoyed this post very much. I'm sure it was horrible at the time for you but makes for amusing reading now. I hope you'll get to see your GD compete next summer. All the best to her!

  4. So sorry, but I'm giggling with the mental images of your horse adventures! I used to ride when I was much younger, but it never became a hobby. My daughter lives in the heart of horse country, and she's planning to start my little guy in riding next year!

  5. It made me feel bad to hear you hate horses--although after reading the rest, I understand. Obviously they sense your intimidation and pick up on that "miserable old hag" thing as well. Maybe you should just watch videos of your grand daughter?

  6. So sorry that you have terrible memories with horses. We used to have horses until all of the kids grew up and left home. My daughter was fantastic with them! I loved them all and they returned that love. I am happy to have had the experience of having horses, watching them in the fields and riding them. They were a lot of work but they also brought a lot of pleasure to our family~~~


  7. You had some real bad adventures..
    I hope you can make it next year..if your Grand daughter is in Bemidji ( They have a North Star Riding Club)..that is about 60 miles north of me..I also have a daughter that lives there.
    I think it is wonderful that your Grand is being mentored..that is the best way to learn:)

  8. You have had some bad experiences LOL...I would stay back when you go watch your grand daughter ride...just encase.:)

  9. wow..that is so remarkable the contrast!! good for your grand daughter!! you may end up loving horses after all

  10. Aug. 24th...

    -grin- You thought I covered a lot of topics, in my post today? Golly no. That is a short-on-switching-topics entry, for me. -giggggles-


  11. I had to laugh at your poor experiences with horses, you have had more then your share haven't you?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. Unfortunately, when inexperienced people are handed a horse to "go ride"... the folks that own the horses are showing really poor judgement and this being the case, the horses might be abused as well. So the outcome is usually not good....your safety and that of the horse jeapordized. Horses are wonderful when treated right, and the ones who behave badly have been treated badly. They also can't possibly know what you want if you don't know how to ask them....and they feel your fear, and then become fearful.

    None of this was your fault... I blame those who should have known better than to put you in such a bad place. In return for those bad experiences you developed "the old nag" mentality and I find that really sad.

    However, you are seeing first hand what joy your grand daughter is experiencing with her horse, and perhaps in time you will come to appreciate this wonderful animal as we horse lovers have, even if only from a distance as a spectator. Truly, it's amazing what they have put up with for us humans throughout history.

  13. Oh the fun your Granddaughter must be having. Our daughter is a horse nut too. She turned her love affair into a business. She now raises Arabians and also has a full-time equestrian photography business of her own. She's busy doing shows all summer, every weekend and some during the week. I understand the relationship. I still have a problem entering a corral before getting to know the animals. They can be temperamental. Also, I DO know what it's like to have a ride back to the barn full speed. My brother and I had a whole string of barn burners. I enjoyed this entry but not your misery.

  14. haha...OMG, what a great entry. you are brave to tell those stories.....and for the ole' try, try, try again!!

    i got a good giggle here, you tell the best stories!!