Monday, July 16, 2012


Like many parts of the country, it is hot in Northern Wisconsin!

The only big difference is we have been getting rain.  So it is still very green here.

It is becoming a lazy summer, too hot to do much of anything.

And that's the way it is................


  1. Georgia is hot, too. We did receive rain over the weekend. Your photos today are so pretty. Have a great Monday.

  2. Hi Muffy I ever related to is so hot and humid here...I almost feel sick!!
    We did get some rain last night, and of shoot from some bad thunder storms off toward the mountains!!
    Just love the Pond Lily rich and green,and the flowers on them as so exotic looking..I do wish I could smell, they are one thing I just loved the smell of.
    Many things I so miss since I lost my scenes of smell!!
    Hope you week goes well!

  3. A hot and lazy summer is a good thing, it's just harder when we have to work in it. The heat here is pretty intense, I think a air conditioned job is in my future, lol.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  4. Muffy, your photos are so cooling and beautiful. It's going to 100 here today...if not more!!! I am not a big fan of summer as it is and this year I am having a very hard time with it :) Thank goodness for AC and dark blinds!!!

    Cool Hugs,

  5. But not too hot, to take beautiful photos and post them, for us. I love waterlilies. But when we put them in our tiny pond, they kind of got tooooooo large and full of greenery. :-)

    Yours are lovely!

    You may be hot, but are so lucky to get enough rain too!!!!! Things are getting dry in my neck of the woods, but we had a lovely Sun. of rain, rain, rain. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  6. I think it's hot all over this year. Love your gorgeous photos -- as always!

  7. I know what you mean. That heat just saps the energy right out of you. As long as you are getting rain (we are also finally) and the plants aren't dying, it is bearable.

  8. Where r u in Northern Wis??? We are going to Door Co then up to the upper peninsula of MI i think around the 27th jul to aug 4, is that near you???

  9. It has been cool here with all the nice rain we've gotten, but now it is gone and the heat is on again up to 97 today! We are staying in the house a lot now. Thanks for your lovely words of encouragement...they meant so much!
    Many Hugs

  10. Can you please send some of your rain down here to South Eastern Wisconsin. We sure could use it. Love the water lilies!