Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh, To Be Six!!

Yesterday we celebrated Grand#4's birthday.  She has made so much progress in the last two years.  When she was four our son and his wife baked her a cake and when they lit the candles, she ran away screaming.  As some may not know, she was born deaf, and she had no clue about birthday cakes; and was scared because they lit the 'cake on fire'.   That was the revolutionary moment for her family.  That is when the decision was made for my son's family to uproot from northern Minnesota and move to the Mpls/St Paul area, where there is a special school, that taught her to listen first, and now speak. She will be at the school one more year, then totally mainstreamed to a regular public school classroom.    It has been a struggle for her family, but oh so worthwhile.   

We began our day by shopping for a balloon bouquet.

Our next stop was the Dairy Queen to purchase an Ice Cream Cake, cause granny thinks they're the best!!

Later in the afternoon, Grandpa grilled some burgers, we were all ready to eat when the rains came.

  Thankfully we have the garage.   After dinner, it was time for cake and presents.

She's not afraid of lit candles anymore,  blew them out in two tries!!  And now she's six!!

And that's the way it is..................................


  1. How sweet! I know you are so proud of her!

  2. Nice! It is wonderful to hear of the progress she has made. She is fortunate to have such a supportive family as well as the educational component.

  3. What a sweetie! and so glad to fhear that the progress she has made will allow her to go back into the mainstream; what all parents hope for. The look on her face speaks of contentment and joy! Hurray!

  4. What a wonderful history-story, along with this sweet post. No, I guess I haven't been reading your blog long enough, to know all these facts. What a wonderful outcome, of their wonderful decision to move...

    Birthday Parties are totallllly fun!!!!!!! Outside, or in the garage!!!! Rain can't dampen much, but the grill. :-)))))

    "Partners do not need to hold on tightly,
    because they move confidently in the same pattern,
    intricate but gay and swift and free."

    ~Anne Morrow Lindberg

  5. Sweet story. I can't imagine what a joy it is for your family to see her growth through the years. Hugs around. :)

  6. Happy belated birthday to your granddaughter! How precious! So neat she has made so much progress in the years and is doing well with her schooling! What a blessing indeed!


  7. She is so pretty. Looks like a great celebration. The cake looks especially delicious!

  8. happy birthday to your granddaughter! and to the wonderful progress she has made!

  9. What a delightful little girl and a fun birthday cake.

    {I'm from northern Minnesota}

  10. Such an adorable little girl! Happy Birthday to her. Do they still teach deaf children to use sign language or is it all lip reading? My father's oldest brother became deaf after having meningitis. He married a deaf woman and they had two hearing daughters, who later worked in the deaf community. We all needed to know sign language so we could communicate. They, and the daughters are all gone now. I hope your little grandie does well.

  11. This is a wonderful story with the best ending! You must be so proud of her...and her parents! It's just the best when we see our kids do what's best for their kids, isn't it?! Really a sweet post!

  12. So good to hear that she is getting along so well especially to be mainstreamed into regular classes..that is really something. It must be a wonderful school! :)

  13. you are the fun grandparents ;)))