Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally It Rained

It has been a very dry spring in Northern Wisconsin.  Today, while the Mister and I were pricing all our 'treasures' for our Memorial Day Rummage Sale, the weather got hotter and more humid.  We could just sense storms a brewing.  About 4pm, it started to get dark, and windy.  The power went out, and is still out; four hours now.  We have a big ol' generator to keep us operational.

Then the rains and hail came.
We had a very short time of marble size hail, it did not come down with enough force to do any damage.

After the storm had passed, the Mister and I took our ATV's down to the lake to check on the pontoon.

We encountered these big branches snapped off the trees.  Ah, ha, the culprit of our lack of power!!

We got down to the dock and our boat was fine.

 On the way back to the cottage, we had to wait for Wisconsin Public Service to cut the branch off the lines.

As I write this I heard another WPS truck go by, I'm guessing to get us our power back, and  I'm glad, the noise of the generator can wear on you after a while.

And that's the way it is................................................................................


  1. I'm thankful you did not have damage from the hail. My late parents' house had a generator and the noise could really wear on our nerves!!!
    Hope you get power back soon. Have a nice week.

  2. Dry here too. Today it clouded up and spit a wee little bit but not enough to wet the ground. They promise 60% chance of showers tomorrow then back to no chance. I fear the dry will continue for us.
    At least you had a generator to keep you going. But I sure can understand about the noise. Some sounds are so wearing ... like generators and weed eaters and lawn mowers and snow mobiles and .........

  3. We sent you the rain..we only got 1/4 of an inch..hardly enough to wet the ground. Good luck with your sale! :)

  4. I am glad you got the needed rain but that was a bit excessive. Smart you, I only think of getting a generater when I am in the dark.
    We are way too dry here also. Yesterday the thunder came, then for 5 minutes, it sprinkled. Such a nasty tease for my poor parched grass.

  5. It always amazes me to see the damage weather can do--both in its excess and its withholding. Good luck with your sale.

  6. Yes, the noise can get on your nerves, but it can be worth it for the convenience of power. :)

  7. Yes, having heard but not owning a generator, the noise is *interesting.* ,-)

    "Home is the most popular,
    and will be the most enduring
    of all earthly establishments."

    ~~Channing Pollock

  8. I think you sent those storms east to us. Heavy rain, lightning and thunder all night, with a forecast of four days of it! We needed the moisture, though, so I won't complain.

  9. oooohhhh i just love a good storm!! when it gets dark out, in the middle of the day. loosing power and bunkering down, there is just something about it that i almost look forward to!!

    it has been raining all day in new jersey. i think we are expecting 4 days of rain. i love inside days, to do inside projects and crafts!!

  10. So glad you had rain , and thankfully no damage, needing rain here ..... Smart to have a generator.. not happy when the power goes out.

  11. So cool that you can still have electricity even as the power goes out, and yes the noise of the generator does wear on ones nerves.

    Me it's the wind, I imagine all sorts of bad things falling over...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  12. We need rain, too, but hopefully not the result of a hurricane!