Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

Last January, when we moved to the cottage permanently, this is what our garage looked like:
It was too cold to work on getting rid of all our stuff during the winter months.  So, off to Arizona we went.  When we returned, we painted the kitchen and living room, and changed out the woodwork to white.  With that project finished it is time to tackle the garage.  Uggggggggggggg

We pulled everything from the boxes and sorted if it should go on the keep pile, rummage or toss.

We put sheets of plywood on the pontoon trailer, and used the ATV trailer as tables.

We brought in the picnic table from outdoors to pile full of stuff!!
The Mister used the ATV trailer for the 'guy' stuff.
We had lots of customers who bought lots of our treasures.

Even the littlest grand got involved with a lemon aid stand, later in the day her cousin and sister helped her sell.

In the middle of it all, I had to stop and run over to the snowmobile club building to teach my segment of the ATV Safety Training Course that is sponsored by our ATV Club.

To finish up the day we had a family cookout.  It was a   very busy Saturday.  


  1. I hope you took a nap on Sunday!! That's a lot of work! I'm dreading the fact that we will soon have to do the same!

    1. I found 'my chair' after the kids left on Monday, whew!!

  2. I sympathize with you after downsizing ourselves. The lifetime supply of stuff is overwhelming. Hope you had great success at the sale. What a cute granddaughter selling lemonade. Hope you can take a break and get some well deserved rest.

  3. Great progress...isn't it fun to have a job done and feel so satisfied? :) love the photo of your grand daughter selling lemonade :)

  4. ooohhhh sometimes i think it is just easier to get a dumpster!! or just stay in the same place!!

    i would buy a lot of lemonaide from that precious face!! and someone needs to teach her economics, she has her product way under priced!!

  5. Where do you get your energy from girl!! I'm exhausted just reading all you are doing. Hope you had a great sale. The little one selling the lemonade is so adorable. She could probably sell in in a snow storm.

  6. Sure all the work will be worth it but oh my I am tired just looking. Grand is destined to be a millionaire.

  7. Oh your garage looks familiar. We have stacks to deal with, too. And I think they reproduce and multiply in the dark.

    And that precious little grand has a million-dollar smile.

    Hooray for your energy and organization. You really did keep a lot of balls up in the air!

  8. You did great work. Good for you all. I bet you feel good now!!

  9. Good for you to get on with all that sorting. I'm looking for an after shot of that garage though.

  10. I have been doing a similar thing in the rooms of our house. As I find things I want to sell, I put them on an online garage sale site. I have been having some luck getting rid of stuff we don't need or haven't used in years and years AND making a little bit of money. It sounds like you had a great Saturday.