Saturday, July 11, 2015

Guessing Game

Can you guess what flower this is?
How about these?
Give up?
While I was out on one of our country roads I came across these beautiful fields and just had to stop and get a few shots.
Have you figured it out yet?
They're potatoes.  
The color of the blossom determines what type of potato is under the plant.

Potatoes love sandy soil, which is predominant in Northern Wisconsin. 
In a few weeks the potato farmers will spray the potatoes drying them up.

  Then the work begins...harvest.

And that's the way it is..........


  1. I did not recognize the flowers although I should have since my neighbor has a garden full of potato plants. Pretty flower.

  2. I always enjoyed digging up our potato plants. It was fun unearthing unknown surprises.

  3. they are gorgeous and i would never have guessed. my dad grew potatoes when i was growing up but i don't remember them having flowers. but back then i did not notice things, all i knew is i would have to help dig them and peel and cook.... these are gorgeous.

  4. I had no idea that potatoes had flowers! Shows how much I know! They're so pretty, and potatoes are -- well, not so pretty!

  5. Yes potato flowers are very pretty! Over here they can no longer spray the vines to kill them McDonalds won't take the pototoes from killed vines:) :)

  6. I never knew potatoes had such pretty flowers! What do they spray the vines with?

  7. i knew...because i have them growing in a bag, on my deck. mine have not bloomed yet, they are red skins, i hope i get purple!!!

  8. I would not have guess potatoes. They are lovely blooms :)