Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 1

Today is the official kick off of Granny Daze 2015. 
Yesterday, I made a round trip to Minneapolis picking up our son's two daughters. 
 Our son in law is dropping their two kids off this morning. 
We have a full week planned with activities and favorite foods.
And that's the way it is...........


  1. I am taking my two home today. They are growing up so fast I am really realizing how precious time together is. Enjoy your DAYZ.

  2. Enjoy those grands! After you get rested, let us know all that you did together!

  3. i can tell by the looks on their faces you will be having FUN... enjoy...

  4. forget the kids...i want to come, you are an awesome grandie!!!

  5. Corn on the cob and hot dogs!!! Smores too I imagine! Have fun!! :)

  6. So great that they get grandma time and cousin time too!