Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"F" is for Football

We went to our grandson's (#87) sixth grade football game.  This team has some real tradition for me.  When the Raiders began they were called the Hollandtown Raiders, coached by Bob Wurdinger.  Back then the boys had make-shift uniforms;  
I know that for a fact because my brother played 'Raider Ball'.  
When my son started 'Raider Ball', he was in seventh grade and played for two years.

Oh, my gosh, last night, I witnessed the third generation of Raider's.  I am getting old!!!

The uniforms have really spruced up since those beginning days; the boys start younger, and the name has changed to Kaukauna Raiders sporting the orange and black colors of the Kaukauna High school team.  

Those sixth grade boys played their heart out.  I enjoyed watching them develop their personal skills and learning to be a team member.  

They'd get in the huddle to discuss the next play, then on to the field to  "get 'er done!"

And "get 'er done" they did....  
They won 22 to 0 over the Menasha team.

And that's the way it is......................


  1. awww. you're bringing up some wisconsin memories for me with those town names. :)

  2. Ah, he's so cute. I'm not a football person (I know, wash my mouth out with soap!), but my entire family likes the sport. I'd be scared to death watching little boys tackle each other. I hope my little grands go for soccer, instead. (Although their daddy might have other plans!)

  3. Handsome grandson and talented to.... Go Team

  4. I use to so enjoy my grandsons games but alas he is in his 20's now. Nice memories though. Enjoy it all, it is over so quick...

  5. i love whatching young men play sports but football is a hard one for me. my boys played soccer!! he is so handsome!!

  6. Wow, congrats #87, you all skunked them. Way to go.
    What a cutie he is. You have to be so proud.

  7. great sure have a handsome football player in the family and those uniforms are nice looking. I miss the football days with my grandson...just hated it was in cold weather.

  8. Those are proud moments for a grandma.I'm glad you were able to attend this game.

  9. This is what being a grandparent is all about!