Thursday, August 28, 2014

My World

I was down by the lake the other evening.    
The natural lighting was perfect for taking photos, and the winds were calm.  

Yesterday I found the following quote by Anthony Douglas Williams.   
His quote sums up my life in the Northwoods perfectly. 

“I would rather be amongst forest animals, 

and the sounds of nature,

than amongst city traffic

and the sounds of man.”


And that's the way it is.................


  1. I think I agree, as long as the city isn't too far away! :)

  2. I love that quote and agree 100 %.. a beautiful spot, and the fishing boys is beautiful

  3. Gorgeous photos and wonderful quote! That last picture is frame-worthy! I really do like the city, but my relaxing times are far from the madding crowd!

  4. Your pictures and those words say it all for me also.

  5. Enjoy these last few days of real summer in your beautiful part of the world:)

  6. looking at your photo's I actually felt like I was there on the lake enjoying the serenity of it. :)