Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My World

For the last week, I have been working out in the garage.  It is a two fold project; one being -- I am taking all the photos from my parents and my grandparents, attempting to make them digital.  That alone is quite an undertaking.  I have boxes and boxes of photos.  
Secondly, we are in what we call "phase 2" of our move making the cottage our permanent residence.  Two years ago we had a rummage sale getting rid of all our duplicates, now we are getting rid of all the things we don't want or need.  The sale is slated for the 4th.  That weekend brings lots of visitors to our area.

I needed to take a break, and it being such a pleasant day, I mounted my steady steed, (ATV) and grabbed 'Mr. Canon', and away we went.

My first encounter was a field of wild daisies. 

Once I crossed the creek, I was greeted by this sign:   

The only thing I took was a picture of the Lupines growing in the ditch line:

Traveling in another direction I found this neglected dwelling:    I don't know if it was a shack used for making maple syrup, or if it may have been a warming shelter for deer hunters.  Maybe its intent was to be the 'inlaws' suite!!!

When I see signs like this, I chuckle to think that city folks want to come to the northwoods to get away from it all.  Then they post a sign for those that they are probably trying to get away from to find them for a visit!!!!

Pickerel Creek, winds throughout our township, and finally flows into the Wolf River.

I decided to take a little used trail to get back home!!!

And that's the way it is.........................


  1. What a delightful break from a tiresome chore. If I had all that available, I wouldn't get much done and would be on break most of the time.
    Got a chuckle out of the in-law suite.

  2. Beautiful photos ! I did that with my old family photos but I scanned them instead and they went right into my computer from the scanner ! ! Hope you do well in your sale . The cottage sounds lovely ! Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  3. tell your friend Mr Canon he did a superb job of showing us where you were.. the sign thing made me chuckle

  4. Gorgeous pix! Thanks for sharing. I hope your sale goes well.

  5. first, good luck with your sale. I understand the work involved. And second, you are a wise gal to take time for a breather. What a nice ride you had except for that ' no trespassing ' sign. I wish all trails were open to the locals, at least, to enjoy whenever we need a break from our ' real world.' Have a safe, wonderful 4th.

  6. hehehe....when you said you were "working out in the garage"....i thought "what the hell is she exercising for" ;) hehehehe

    awesome pictures today, a lot better then working out in the garage!!!

    ps....i pay no mind to those silly signs!! photographers are excluded!!!

  7. love your woodsy area, but the signage did make me laugh1

  8. Beautiful images. I love Daisies and this picture is wonderful. Lupins were my Husband's flower of choice,so it brought many memories.Have a wonderful day.

  9. Wonderful photo's My favorite is the last one...sure would like to wander down it. The signs are a hoot...the shack looks like the start of a hunting bad someone does not finish it up. Fences and warning signs are a nuisance but I respect many people with guns now day's. It has been a nice visit...♥

  10. Good luck with your sale! Thanks for the ride:)

  11. Wish I lived closer, I'd be at your sale bright and early! We enjoy yard sales, even though we don't need more stuff. We always manage to find something we can't live without. It looks lovely in your area this time of year.

  12. Nice views of the Northwoods in July. Those family cabin signs are so typical of northern Wisconsin, I had to enlarge and see if I recognized any names! Nope. Hope your garage sale was a success and you have nothing left.

  13. Your world is lovely. Love the daisies. The ones in my yard are just starting to bloom now and are one of my favorites.
    Hope your sale went well.

  14. Fun to see the area there. The daisies are right on the brink of blooming here. Hope your sale went well.

  15. Cute daisies...and that cottage, well it's a lovely little fixer

    Doing fine, learning to deal with the situation, thanks for the kind thoughts.