Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Lighthouses of Lake Havasu

In 2000 the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club was formed.  The club decided to build 1/3 size replicas of famous lighthouses.  Since then 20 have been erected with additional lighthouses in the future.
In addition to serving as a safety function, the lighthouses have proven to be a popular destination for tourists and family.

We recently rented a pontoon for the afternoon to cruise down the Colorado river, I did manage to get photos of some of the lighthouses.

This is the inspirational lighthouse that started it all, its located at the Lake Havasu Marina entrance.

Umpqua River Replica - Oregon

Portland Head Replica, Portland, Maine

White Shoal Light- Northern Lake Michigan

Wind Point Light, Racine Harbor, Wisconsin

Split Rock - North Shore Lake Superior

Vermillion Light, Lake Erie in Vermillion, Ohio

West Quaddy - Lubec, Main

East Quoddy-Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada

And that's the way it is..............................


  1. now that's actually really cool! :)

  2. Neat to see these!

  3. Way cool! It is not safe for you to come North yet..too cold..yes the river running is a good sign BUT there is a reported 38 to 42 inches of ice on the lakes. Some of the shallow lakes must be froze out in areas. That will take some time to thaw:)

  4. they are all beautiful but the white shoals photo got an out loud Oh Wow when I got to it.

  5. How cool is that!! Never knew they existed!

  6. WoW muff, what neat pictures and such a great idea!! i would LOVE to see these. beautiful captures!!

  7. What an intriguing project and photos. Stay where it's warm for awhile.

  8. When I first saw your title, I thought, what? Lighthouses in Arizona?!! Someone had a fun idea, and I'm glad to see Minnesota's lighthouse is represented.
    P.S. Don't come home yet. It's still winter up here.

  9. How interesting is that!! I don't see any Florida lighthouses, yet, but hopefully the one from St. Augustine is on the drawing board. Definitely a great tourist attraction!! How exciting to rent a pontoon and ride the Colorado River!!

  10. I love lighthouses and have a collection of them.
    The pictures are delightful. : )

  11. You sure have a nice photo collection of light houses and i bet there are a lot of good memories associated with each .:) One day maybe i will get to wander back roads along the Michigan shore line's.

  12. What a great collection of lighthouses! I've always been fond of them. I even have some lighthouse dinner plates.