Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drug Run!!!

Folks have been telling us how cheap pharmaceuticals are in Mexico.  We've never been to Aldegondes, Mexico and wanted to go down.  We weren't sure that we wanted to drive down, with everything one hears; and not really knowing the ropes.   I found an ad in the local newspaper about a company called Shakespeare Travels.  The company consists of a man and a twelve passenger van.  His line is 'have group will travel.'  I gave him a call we discussed price, date, and itinerary.  I typed up a sheet with all the information on it and posted it on the bulletin board at our condo.  Besides ourselves, I had seven other interested passengers.

We finally ventured south of the boarder.  Our driver took very good care of us, he walked us in and told us when and where to meet to cross customs.  And we were on our own.
First stop was the 'Purple Pharmacy.'  We loaded up on over the counter and prescription medication.

Lots of folks go down for dental work, they say its a lot cheaper than the U.S.  Not sure that's something I'd do!!!

After the pharmacy visit, it was lunch time.  We enjoyed margaritas and lunch with dear friends from our condo.

Vendors are everywhere, peddling their wares.  I soon learned that if I picked up something, the more I was badgered into a haggling match over price. 
 Prior to visiting Aldegondes, we were advised by those who had been there before,  "If you want to purchase something, start ridiculously low, then haggle with the vendor, even a walk-away technique works.  The vendor will follow you, saying "Senora" you want it for  X amount of dollars..?"  Hubby purchased this humongous hat  for $10.00.  He will get his money's worth in laughs!!!

And that's the way it is......................


  1. I'm no good at haggling, and am not very comfortable south of the border either.

  2. i knew a woman who volunteered to go to nicaragua to teach for 4 mos - just so she could get a cheap face lift. *sigh*

  3. love the hat.. no drugs from there for me, who knows where or what they put in them. i don't even trust US phamacys.

  4. Interesting to hear about your experience! Were the drugs really less expensive and worth going? One way or the other, it seems like you had a great time and that is really all that matters!

  5. I can tell that our family is really into the hats!

  6. Wow that was brave. The last time I was in Mexico, was not a good experience. The sombrero is a keeper. Lol looks like a great time.

  7. Oh, fun!!! We like Algodones and have never felt unsafe. I have two Algodones crowns and one root canal done probably 4-5 years ago. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  8. Definitely a 10-dollars-worth-of-fun hat! Did you get a matching one? You could mosquito netting from it when you get home. ;-)