Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Drive

Yesterday we went with friends on a Sunday Drive.  
We took back roads and trails from Lake Havasu to Parker.   
Some of the roads were so narrow it was difficult for two vehicles to pass one another. 

Besides interesting rock formation....

we found a couple of caves.

Even one with eyes peering back out at us!!!

How many times do you see a desert island?  We found one! 

We also found an area that was all sand. 
 I'm betting passing through here on a windy day would drop visibility considerably.

What a surprise to find a decorated bush!

all trimmed in coordinating colors!!

Around one curve we spotted this interesting formation.

The best part of our ride, was finding donkeys standing in a pool of water. 
 It may have been a stream, as the vegetation was a lush green.

As soon as we stopped, they started to venture towards our vehicle.   
I'm sure they have been fed by other motorists, and thought we'd do the same!!!

We had lots of laughs finding our way on the backroads of Arizona!!!

The end..... 

And that's the way it is................


  1. Love the donkeys!! How cute they are! The rock formation looks like two elephants touching trunks! What a nice drive you had!!

  2. Love love love my trip to AZ today and especially The END.... so much beauty, so little time to see it all... i am jealous

  3. Thanks for taking us along! I loved seeing all the photos, but those eyes in the cave were scary!

  4. I'm looking forward to visiting Arizona one of thee winters.

  5. so very cute. thanks for taking us along. :)

  6. Oh, this post filled me with happy/sad nostalgia. This is just the kind of thing Mike and I so enjoyed doing, taking the back roads and seeing scenery not usually pushed in the travel guides.

  7. Oh what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or day.Love the pictures.

  8. Thanks for the virtual road trip. I wonder what it was that was peering out of that cave at you. I have to say, I envy that you get to go on road trips. Those aren't in my cards, I guess. Alas.

  9. What a nice ride to take. Lots to look at. Thanks for taking us along with you. : )

  10. I look forward to traveling along with you each year. Great photos as usual. I've had internet troubles and bad weather but we are okay now!!
    Have Fun & Be Safe!!
    Loretta & Izzy

  11. Outside of the adorable donkeys, loved the two elephants touching trunks.
    Those eyes were spooky.

  12. Wonderful photos . Oh I love Donkeys . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  13. You must have seen the same bush that we saw last year.....AND the donkeys! Too much coincidence! Have fun and relax and enjoy.

  14. Mike and I also enjoy doing that same thing.

  15. Good ride, and good pictures. I like the eyes peeking back at you from the cave!

  16. Nice ride..war looking too. You must have had a fill of LP? Yes we heat with it too but have a new LP high efficiency furnace. Hopefully we have enough of the $3.20 a gallon gold to make it through til spring now. I cannot imagine paying $6 a gallon. I just read that our Gov has declared an propane emergency..not sure what he will do other than sign some darn paper:(

  17. A lovely ramble, with so much to see. I enjoyed seeing the sunshine and lack of the "white stuff"!

  18. There is nothing more special than a Sunday drive on a back road...your back roads are much different from mine but the same simple treasures are still there to be found...i love the garland on the bush. And what animal was in the cave?

  19. hehe, a happy ending!! i love a good ride in the car with lot's of fun stuff to look at!!

    seems to be a beautiful area!!

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