Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keeping it Simple

I so love looking at all your beautiful Christmas decorations, and enjoy hearing about your Christmas traditions.  I thought I should share what's going on at our house.   At Thanksgiving we had a four day family gathering, therefore would not all get together for Christmas.  Hubby and I are leaving for Arizona on December 26th.  Prior to that we had intended to spend Christmas Eve at our daughter's in the Fox River Valley.  On Christmas Day we will drive to Minneapolis to be with our son and his family.  Then the 26th.... Southwest.

I am not decorating for Christmas, it is just too much work to put everything up, especially when no one is visiting.  I did decorate for the Winter Solstice!!  Those decoration can stay up until we get back.  And if next April is like last April, snowmen will still be in vogue!!!!    

Our living room mantle has a small display of cardinals.  
If I can't attract them at my feeders, I can enjoy them inside.

My hutch reflects winter as well.

Even though they are fairly new, I really like the plate trio.  I took close-ups of the plates, so you could see their beauty.

On the wall hangs a snowman plate:


Another snowman plate sits on the bottom portion of the hutch.

A few years ago our daughter made this snowman pillow, it adorns a living room chair.

The fireplace in the four season room has a personalized snowman!

We did not plan on putting up a tree.   That is until we found out our daughter and her family are coming for Christmas Eve.   She and her husband have a vacation week between Christmas and New Year's.  We have snow and the snowmobile trails will be opening.   
We tweaked our plans just a little bit.   

Today we put up a tree.  Santa wouldn't know where to put the grand's presents if we didn't have a tree.
We fondly call this table top tree "Mr. Fuller Brush."    
When Christmas is over, our daughter can take Mr. Fuller Brush out to the garage, and we'll put him in the attic in April.  

I didn't want to burden her with taking down lots of ornaments.   I hope all the candy canes that suffice as the ornaments, are eaten before Mr. Brush's trek to the garage!!

And that's the way it is.....................


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Be sure to stop here and pick me up on your way to the Southwest. Leaving just after Christmas is brilliant! And you love cardinals too. Aren't they the sweetest! I usually have two pair at my feeder, but I haven't seen them yet this year. :-(( I'm curious to know what brand stove that is. It's a beauty! Enjoy your Christmas and thanks for showing us your decorations.

    1. Its a Vermont Casting. Pricey, but I just love it!!

  2. you started out saying you were not decorating for Christmas, you are fully decorated in my book. ha ha on the Fuller Brush. love that name and i like that fat cardinal with the holly on it. beautiful plates

  3. your decorations have more of a snowman theme and will be perfect for now, and when you return!!

    cute little pillow that your daughter made!!

  4. Beautiful! Each one of us decorates in their own way,yet each one is lovely. Have a blessed Christmas.

  5. Well, I love your thinking... and your really cute winter decorations, which do lend a very festive flair to your home!! The Mr. Fuller Brush tree is perfect, and how nice that it can just be moved to the garage. I wish you safe travels, and a blessed time with family and friends!!

  6. It all looks very North Woods Winter beautiful. Love that stove!

  7. Love your decorations and pray you have a safe trip as you drive from place to place.

  8. I too love your decorations. I do the same thing--in the year we travel to Arkansas for Christmas (every other) I don't put out many decorations.

  9. Your Cardinal collection is awesome! I really like the touches of red..everywhere! I bet you are packing and counting the days til you leave! :)

  10. How Fun! LOVE your decorations...especially the cardinals!!!

  11. Simply elegant! I love all the decorations, and I think you're a very wise woman with how you've planned it all!!

  12. I really like your decorations and the snowmen are so much fun.

  13. I love your cardinal collection.
    All your decorations are lovely.

  14. Your cardinals are adorable and can be kept out all winter. Every thing looks nice. My decor is very subtle and not much of it....

  15. Love the birds and snowmen. I do hope you are wrong and spring will be here in April, unlike last April. Have a fun winter in the warm Southwest!

  16. It looks very much like Christmas is near. I LOVE the candy canes on the tree. ;)