Wednesday, November 20, 2013


A few days ago, I sat down to watch "Katie."   I was in our four season room, which has  windows on three sides.  I glanced to the left where our bird feeders are located, suddenly  all the birds took off.  We've had this before and usually the culprit is a hawk, threatening to have one of those little birds for lunch!!
A few moments later, something caught my eye on the right. 
 Incoming grouse!!!  
I'm sure the hawk surprised him, and in his hurry to get away; he hit one of our windows!!  It broke the first pane of a thermo pane window.

Needless to say, the poor bird didn't make it!!

This is the second grouse that has hit our house in a week's time.  We must be in their flight pattern.  I jokingly said,  'we get more grouse without using a gun, than some hunters do who actively hunt them.'  We gave the bird away to a hunter who loves wild game.  

I did get a close up of its beautiful back feathers........

The Mister cleaned up all the broken glass, and called the window company.  

Yesterday, a representative from  the window company came out, and measured everything.  He told us it will be after 'deer hunting' before the replacement will be ready.  You see, in Northern Wisconsin, when its deer hunting everything else stops.  The mechanics are gone, the builders are gone, no services in the northwoods until the Sunday after Thanksgiving....  Something to be thankful for.

On a post note:  I graduated from my Physical Therapy, my knee has healed nicely.  I am walking well, although stairs are still a little challenging.  I only limp at the end of the day when I've been on my feet a lot.  

And that's the way it is............


  1. Poor bird!!! Glad you are "graduated" - that sure is something to be thankful for :)
    I bet if you put something on that window like a decal of some sort - the birds would know it isn't a window and they may not fly into it. I've read about those stopping that.

  2. Poor bird and poor window! PT helped me a great deal too when I had both of mine done at the same time. You will be fine now, except I cant get on my knees.....can you?

  3. That poor bird did do some damage, huh? So glad to hear you have made it without any complications. So many folks don't! They are forever in pain and have so much trouble with their knees! Hope you are an exception and healed!!! Many hugs, Loretta

  4. We have the same problem with hummingbirds...thank goodness they are too small to do any damage....And lets not talk about deer hunting season....same thing here!

  5. yay for your knee!!! sad about the grouse, but it is so beautiful. thank you for sharing it. poor window!

  6. Oh, yuck! A dead bird! I understand what you mean about the hunting season. My school was near woods and the Pine Barrens. So everything stopped when hunting began. Even some of the kids were pulled from school. I was not a happy principal, but I learned to live with it.

  7. I am envious of your grouse, we don't have them around here like we used to. Too many fox and wolves maybe. Grouse are beautiful birds! Too bad the Hawk didn't get the window instead they are such mean birds.
    Way to go you graduated!! What a process..that was about 7-8 did good! :)

  8. good news about the knee and not so good news for your window and the grouse... i assume you will just board up the window until they go back to work.
    bob had a pelican take out his windshield while he was driving 55 miles per hour on the sunshine skyway bridge... if were me i would have wrecked, it blew glass all over the blazer and bob came home with glitter glass in his hair and all over his body. he threw his arms up over his face to protect it, and why he did not go off that bridge is a mystery.

  9. That sounded pretty scary! I wonder what smothered grouse takes like??? lol I am glad your knee is better! I liked your comment on Loretta's blog about becoming cousins at grandma's house. That is exactly what happens at my house! :-)

  10. hehe....i have heard about hunting season in your neck of the woods. it's like a nationa; holiday!!

    poor guy, he is a beauty and it's good you were able to find someone who would take and "enjoy" him

    YaY for graduation ;)

  11. The same thing happens here during hunting season and with the grouse. They have such soft colors.

  12. Good for you, graduate! It's nice to hear that you are getting around better. My step daughter had knee surgery not long after yours, but she is not bouncing back very quickly at all. I guess her knee was in bad shape and more damaged than they had thought.

    That must have been quite the impact to smash the window like that. We get smaller birds trying to fly through our front window and the patio doors but they only leave bird smudges and sometimes a feather or two. Most of them survive the trauma.

  13. The upside of this bird kill,is that you got great detail pictures.

  14. Poor bird. What thick beautiful feathers!!

  15. I think if you have bird feeders you have to expect hawks. Broken windows...not so much.

  16. Aww, what a pretty bird. At least someone will be able to recycle him.
    Wonderful news about your knee. You must be faithful with you therapy. Keep up the good work.

  17. Poor bird, and poor window - and you have to wait HOW LONG?!!! Oh my!

    Glad you knee is doing so well! Encouraging, since I'm headed that way one of these days.

  18. Glad to hear your new knee is doing so well and your hard work and pain paid off. The grouse's feather patterns are so beautiful. Never seen one up that close.

  19. Sad...such a beautiful bird!!!! Gald you did not get hurt and your feeling better.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  20. Wow that is unusual, 2 birds but what a mess to clean up too. It sure had pretty feathers

  21. Congrats on your grad, that's great news.

    Now for the poor grouse, not so great news.


  22. So glad you are feeling and doing so much better!!!

  23. So glad to hear you are doing well with your knee--joint replacement is a good thing! Poor grouse--we've never had one of those hit the windows but we sure do get a lot of robins hitting the windows in the spring--no breaks, YET.

  24. Oh happy grat's for you. Ya! I am doing good myself. I love to dance in my computer room with cds.. It has been like 10 weeks I could not do that as my sciatic and arthritis but I put on a fav cd of Kenny rogers and dolly parton this morning . She is always a gal who is so uplifting. I love her little giggle's plus her cute voice. It is soothing for me. . So I moved around doing two songs of theirs. My hips, legs and did forward walks and backwards. Then I did a last song with another fav. Neil Diamond. Sweet Caroline.

    I had my dentisty test. Flying colours. So I am so thrilled. With all the falls I had this summer not watching. I was sure I might of broke or cracked something. So Doc had me go take the test.

    I dont have stairs to deal with. Only in buildings if I go where stairs are no choice.. I am still stiff when sitting too long but now I give myself breakes and walk inside or go to the store and walk around. No cane now. .

    Healing takes time. Thank you for re always to my blogs. I appreciate that seeing your a photographer gal. You did me the honor coming over and even putting a comment.

    Thank you kindly.

    So I am thrilled for you. You have done so well in what you had to go through.

    Have a nice day..

    Have a nice day. It is hunting season wherr I live. No deers around. They know. They are smart. Except for crossing the highways here.

    Oh that poor little bird.

  25. so happy your knee is doing better, so when do you get to get back on the 4-wheeler???
    We have had so many birds leave their impressions on the cabin windows but none were broken...sorry to see yours. Did you know that a car glass repair will fix that window pane and come right to the too. It's worth checking it out. My brother had repairs to a window for your same reason.
    And yes, we got just under 2 inches of snow last night...heavy stuff.

  26. HI Muffy... Wow what a surprise that must have been!! I often wonder about that happening to me when the hawk is around !!
    Poor Grouse they are such a pretty bird!! Sadly the Coyotes have done a number on them here,and I have not seen one in a long time !!

    Glad your doing so much better, surprising what the knee does, we only find out when it is out of commission!!

    Deer hunting here to ! I have to where orange just to be in my own yard...some people are just to nutty to have a gun in there hands : )))


  27. Happy to hear that your knee is doing so well...yayyy!!! Hopefully one of the hunters will fill their deer tag right away so they can come back to work early and get your window fixed fast. I bet your friend was happy to receive the grouse from you, they really are a great tasting bird, just sorry that it caused so much damage for you. Hope you're staying warm up North, I hear snow is in the forecast up there. They are calling for cooler temps down here and snow early next week. There are still people without power yet from all the tornadoes down here also, I hope they get it back on before it gets any colder. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family and stay sweet!

  28. What a shame for the grouse!

    Good news your knee is getting better!

  29. So glad to hear that therapy is over. I've heard less-than-pleasant comments about therapy for knees. :-(( But here you are, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, good for you!

    Poor beautiful bird. Glad someone could salvage something from that accident. Stay off the ice and stay warm. :-)

  30. At least you got a great shot of the patterns in the feathers, and someone else got a meal. We used to have similar accidents with small birds flying into our picture window (no meals though).

    Glad to read the knee is improving.

  31. Happy to hear your knee is doing good. Poor bird. Shot of the birds feather is good.