Thursday, October 17, 2013

Potowatomi Health Center

When an acquaintance found out I was having a total knee replacement, she immediately asked me where I was considering physical therapy after I came home.  
Why I hadn't even given that a thought.  
I was assuming the small local hospital would be where I would go, at twenty-seven miles away, it would be the closest.  

She had her surgery locally, and recommended the Potowatomi Health Center for two reasons.  
The Physical Therapist were excellent and it was only seventeen miles away. 
 I didn't even know this facility existed.   
I gave them a call making sure they accepted my insurance.   I signed up to begin therapy shortly after I came home from surgery.   
 The health center is owned and operated by the Forest County Potowatomi Indians. 
 In addition to gaming, they have numerous successful business ventures, which enables the tribe to have such a wonderful facility to service their members, as well as the residents of neighboring communities.

Come with me as you take a tour.

Once inside the facility, the first thing that catches your eye is this wonderful sculpture.

The bronze plaque gives a little Potowatomi history.

On the way to therapy, I have to pass through the dental clinic.  I was so impressed with this cavity free chart of the Tribal Children.  The lifestyles of the Potowatomi have been elevated with all the inclusions of this Health Center.

My Physical Therapist - Andy, is one of two Physical Therapist who work here, along with a couple of PT assistants. 
Andy was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but discovered the beauty of Northern Wisconsin  while he was in highschool.  He attended the University of La Crosse in Wisconsin for his PT degree.  We had a lot in common about UW-LaCrosse, as that is where my son  went to college.  Andy met his wife while in graduate school.  They now are living their dream in northern Wisconsin, and both working as Physical Therapists.  

My therapy session starts out by limbering  up on the bike for ten minutes.  
Then its on to board exercises.  
Stretching and bending my knee. 
 Breaking up all that scar tissue that wants to keep forming.  

After the bench, I move to the parallel bars and steps to develop strength in my knee and leg.

Then back to the bench for a massage, and I'm finished with my session.
  I can't wait to get out to the truck to get home and ice my knee. 
 Each time I go to therapy, the movement seems less taxing, and I am gradually gaining higher levels of improvement.  
Today, I graduated from the walker to the cane. 
Life is good.   

And that's the way it is...........................


  1. Woot!! Good for you, and thanks for the tour! You are doing great!

  2. So glad to hear you are making such great progress. I've heard it is not an easy road and certainly not pain free so good for you. Working hard on it is the only way to success

  3. what a great facility! i really like that it is owned and operated by the potawatomi tribe and founded on these two women's legacies. and glad you have someplace well-staffed and well-run to help you through this!

  4. u r doing SO good... good for you!!!

  5. this is fantastic, closer and what a beautiful facility... i love the statue at the beginning. glad you are doing good with your therapy

  6. I was wondering about you last night, you had not posted a blog in a while. Glad to hear you are making progress!

  7. What a lovely facility...I'm so thankful your friend shared this place with you. Good for you graduating to the cane! Blessings to you today.

  8. That is a BIG Milestone!! Glad all is going well!!

  9. I know it must be hard work and painful, too, but so very important after a knee surgery. Lovely that you have that facility nearby.

  10. A cane yay! You are progressing! That looks like a great place to take physical therapy! Closer to home is always good..I think I might be sending you some snow soon:)

  11. Sounds as if you're doing a great job and recovering nicely. Love the health center and all the information about the tribe. The entry even looks a little like some Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

  12. I am so glad you have found the perfect place. Every one I know who has had that surgery say good therapy is vital to a great recovery. Keep up the good work.
    The information about the sisters and the center was very interesting.

  13. Wow, sounds like a great place. You should be walking without that cane in no time!! : )

  14. Soon you will be running circles round us...way to go. What a lovely place to heal.


  15. life does not have to be perfect to be good ;)

    looks and sounds like an awesome place, i really am so happy you are doing so well!!

  16. Congrats on getting around better, yeah!!!

  17. Glad you are progressing though it sounds like a lot of hard work! Looks like a nice place though - nice surrounds while you swear it out!

  18. You had to give up the pretty blue walker ...YAY!!! I must say though, that was a pretty spiffy looking walker. What color is the cane?? Is it all decked out in pretty colors ~ if not ... I'm sure you can make it happen. Get out your paints. Happy to hear that you're coming along so well. How nice of your friend to tell you of this place. I camped once at the Potowatami Park :)

  19. Looks like a nice place. I went to Potawatomi Hills Girl Scout Camp. I hope you have as much fun as I did!