Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tooth Fairy

I heard on Good Morning America that today is "National Tooth Fairy Day!"  
When Grand #5 came for a visit she had a loose front tooth.  

She would wiggle it back and forth,  hoping for a visit from the tooth fairy.

She even had a little help from her older sister.

Mom has lost her patience with all this loose tooth business and took over.  

 After a few tears it was all giggles and laughter

That  night  the tooth fairy appeared. 
 The upnorth Tooth Fairy draws a tooth on the dollar bill she lets under the pillow.  

And that's the way it is.........................


  1. wow, and i only got a nickle for mine... but I am thinking i could buy more with that nickle than this cutie can with her dollar.

  2. I think I used to get a nickle too or a dime! Cute idea the Tooth Fairy of the North has..she is a good artist:)

  3. I remember those tooth fairy days from my children! I even cross-stitched little pillows for the kids to use. Now I'll have to wait a bit for my grandies' tooth fairy. Wish I could still make those little pillows! Your little one is adorable!

  4. yuck! i hated those baby teeth days!

  5. WOW ! Inflation for the tooth fairy lol I remember getting a quarter for my teeth lol Oh the good old pliers always works lol ! Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  6. Wow! Our tooth fairy only brought coins !

  7. The drawing on the dollar is a great idea....I love the toothless grin :)