Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Derby

Here in the north woods we do things a little differently, and that includes how we participate in the Kentucky Derby.

Most of the neighbors and many of the campers will watch the derby at 'The Lodge.'  
As if we were at Churchill Downs, there is a lot of emphasis on hats.  
 I found my hat a rummage sale for $1.00.  I took off the embellishments and added my own.  A new hat band, and flowers, lots of flowers.

Prior to the race, bets are taken, and pay off is for the top three horses.
The bookie is hard at work getting the numbers to correspond with the horse names.

This was quite the hat!!!

As were these...

Even the bartender got into the act, but I don't know what event he was celebrating.

Before the race, all the hat wearers had a group photo.

As anticipation mounted, the mascot was positioned in his place of honor.

My Old Kentucky Home was sung, and the race began!!!

My horse didn't win, but we had lots of fun.  And that is what we do in the north woods, to entertain ourselves, while waiting for spring to settle in!!!

And that's the way it is..............


  1. I watch Fox in the morning faitfuly and Anna the pretty blond from Fox was wearing the big beautiful pink hat at the Derby.

    Oh I love the hats.To me that makes the Derby all its worth. Then it looks like a nice meal you can have to buy .

    I know about your K Home.. Your hat is darling.
    Only a buck aye. Now that is a deal.

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Love the hats. :-)
    And I love an exciting race like that one! But I don't know how those poor jockeys can see anything with mud all over their goggles!

  3. i like that dollar hat with or without the flowers is fine with me. it is a cool hat. sounds like you all had a blast.

  4. HI Muffy ...What great fun you all have in your little corner ; )
    Love your hat,and what a steal for a buck!! Some embellishment and your "looking fine Girl" !!

  5. That sounds like a fantastic party! I, too, love the hats at the derby -- you and your friends could easily rival them!
    Peace, Muff

  6. You and your hat are beautiful! What fun. I had a tea party reunion with my college girlfriends a few years ago after 35 years. We all designed hats to wear and had so much fun taking photos.

  7. HA! Thanks for the laugh! LOVE those hats. :)

  8. Those are some colorful hats! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  9. The hats really make the party. Except maybe for that deer thing.

  10. what a ball you had and I love the hats, must be fun decorating them up for this,

  11. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and I love your hat. Hope you won some bucks...

  12. Love your hat! Looks like fun to me! :)

  13. you do fun things, this sounds really fun!!

    that hat's a keeper, the best in show, one might say!!!

  14. Love the hat, and it sounds like you all had great fun.


  15. Love the hats...especially guys sure know how to have fun.....

  16. Ha ha - looks like that was loads of fun - especially getting the hats all festooned. And I guess all the 'losers' had to pony up afterwards.


  17. Sorry to be so late in commenting. I'm just getting back around to reading blogs. I love your hat.
    Sorry your horse didn't win.

  18. Muffy What a hoot! You and your friends look like they had a great time....