Thursday, March 21, 2013

Off My Bucket List

As many of you know, I am an avid ATV'er.   At home,  I love riding  the northwoods of Wisconsin.   
In the four years we have been coming out to Arizona, one of the thing I really wanted to do is ride in the desert.  
Our  friends in Kingman, Arizona, made that possible.   
Richard and Jutta, arranged for us to borrow a UTV from one of their neighbors.

Richard convinced me I would enjoy the views up on Haulapai Mountain, much better than desert riding.  So we spent most of our time winding our way up the mountain.  Richard was right!!

As we began our assent the views were magnificent.

It took hubby a little getting used to getting the feel of the UTV, and besides that, he doesn't like heights. 
 He really was a good sport; and eventually became comfortable being up in the mountains.

Some of the trails were quite narrow 

 and it was a LONG ways down!!

We did manage to find one small patch of snow!!!!

Every bend was a beautiful opportunity for fantastic photos:

See the trail below?  We'll eventually get down there!!

So pretty!!

What I didn't realize, there are ranches that raise free range cattle on these mountains.  We  also saw a modern day cowboy up on the mountain, riding his ATV with his cell phone in hand.

I was told that Don Laughlin, who owns Riverside casino in Laughlin, also own's this cattle ranch.  Often he can be seen taking a helicopter from the casino to his ranch.

I just loved this fence/gate.

As we made our descent we could feel the air getting warmer, and the land flattening out.

There wasn't much to see riding the desert, the land was flat and dusty. 

 Only a few cactus.

And a little desert jewelry!!

Again, thanks to Richard and Jutta for making my wish come true.

And that's the way it is...........................


  1. sounds like great fun!!! and taking a helicopter to and from 'work' and ranch - now that's nice! :)

  2. What a beautiful view! So glad you had such a good time!

  3. Fantastic photos ! Oh that does look fun ! Thanks for taking us with you . Glad you enjoyed it ! Have a good day !

  4. always a wonderful thing to see photos of's a beautiful state...Don and I loved it there!

  5. wow, desert and mountains, and both are stunning to view.. love the barbwire and that funky fence... awesome photos and fun to... i am sooo jealous

  6. What fun for you! You should get your own UTV..I am always looking for a used one..but people just hang onto them forever:)

  7. What an adventure. The views are wonderful.

  8. What a unique experience and such fascinating views! So glad you had fun.

  9. I enjoyed this trip so much, good for you!!

  10. Amazing photos! So happy you had the chance to do this...have fun, but be careful and safe!

  11. Oh that desert scenery is just so beautiful. So nice to have a dream come true.

  12. Great that you were able to strike this off your list of to-dos. What an adventure with such lovely views.

  13. Muffy so enjoyed the ATV ride into the beautiful.

  14. So happy you are having fun muffy!! The views are breathtaking!!

  15. What a trip of a lifetime...and the views...stunning.

    I kind of wish I could have been there, your pictures make it so beautiful.


  16. Well I've never seen countryside that looks quite like that, it has a beauty all it's own! ... Thanks for sharing...

  17. oh lucky you!!! what an adventure. I would love to take that ride!!!