Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Desert Flowers

After all the winter rains, the desert is starting to bloom!!

Today the Mister and I took a little ride to the north of town to see if we could find any blooms.

I don't know the name of any of these, and for all I know they could be weeds.

These reminded me of daisies we have in Wisconsin.

I love the orange sprinkled among all the yellows and purples.

Someone told me this was a desert lily.

There were hundreds of them and smelled so fragrant, sort of like an Easter Lily, but not as strong.

This pretty yellow flower reminds me of a buttercup back home!

I loved these purple ones too! 

Oh yes, the desert is starting to bloom!!  They say its rare, and I'm so glad we're here to experience it.

Hopefully in a few weeks we can go to Twenty-nine Palms; I'm told the bloom out there should be fantastic.  Tomorrow we're off to Palm Springs for the Follies.   I hope I can get some good photos to share.

And that's the way it is........................


  1. The purple flowers remind me of Lilacs. What beauty the desert has, rare to get to see this side of it.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful blooms.
    What a special treat to be able to see all of it.
    Have fun!

  3. Such a beautiful sight. We still have lots of snow.

  4. they are all gorgeous... my favorite is the first one...

  5. Wow they're lovely. Our desert blooms this way too. It is a great thing to experience.

  6. The desert is magnificent when it's in bloom!

  7. I love desert scenery, and when in bloom like that--fantastic.
    There are relatively few flowers native to Florida. Most of the blooms here are imports.

  8. Aren't those beautiful! As you know, here in Wisconsin we're still under 2' of snow and are supposed to have cold temps for at least another week. Where, oh where are my daffodils? :-((

  9. gorgeous! beautiful color before you head north. :)

  10. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have never been to the desert. It is nice to know that new life springs forth in such pretty colors even in a desert.

  12. Wonderful pictures. Lovely flowers!!

  13. Pretty flowers! I enjoyed them all..that one yellow one looks like an Evening Primrose. It is fun to see different kinds of flowers:)

  14. Oh these are wonderful!!! How exciting to see the desert in bloom :)