Monday, February 18, 2013

Inquiring Minds

Inquiring minds want to know..........

Remember when I was at the casino playing the $5.00 machine, thinking I was playing a nickel machine and I won $110.00?

I decided I was going to purchase a piece of 'bling' with my winnings. 
 I did buy a hot air balloon pendant, and  waited until Winterfest to spend the rest of the money. 
 Here is the 2013 piece of bling:

I chose this pendant because I wear lots of pink and fuchsia. 

Remember when the balloon festival was in town and I entered a photo contest. 
 You all chose your favorite balloon photos for me to enter. 
 I thought I could enter four, and of course I was wrong!! 
 I could only enter two. 
 Here are the two I submitted.

I chose the reflection one, because that photo was the favorite among readers of my blog .  
My other choice was the witch.  
I picked that one, because she was new to the festival this year, and I thought the shot was good enough to possibly win.
Winners of the contest have not been announced, but I'll be sure to let you all know if they pick one of mine!

So there you have it!!!

And that's the way it is.............................


  1. It is very pretty..good luck with the photo contest! :)

  2. I love your pendant. It appears to be Fire Pink Opal...the opal being October's birthstone which I am familiar with. It's mine! : ) I have several of the turquois pieces and just now found studs in the pink on Etsy you might be interested in. I'd never seen the pink before and love it. Good find and good luck in the photo contest.

  3. You are a winner in our eyes....those are great photos.

    Love the pendant, very pretty soft colors.


  4. good luck, great choice for your bling

  5. Now that's making the most of a windfall!

  6. i really love the reflection shot!

    your pendent reminds me of a stained glass window.

  7. Love the pendant and good luck on the photo contest.

  8. Good luck with the contest be anxious to see if you win.

  9. love the pretty bling, it's a good choice!!

    the reflection shot is going to win!!

  10. Gorgeous pendant! Wear it in good health!

  11. Good Luck with the photos. Your pendant looks a bit like opal but I didn't think you could get pink opal?

  12. I definitely see a winner with your balloon reflection photo. And your pendant is so pretty....nice selection.

  13. Both photos are nice. The reflection one might win; I like the witch, but wish she seemed higher. Good luck.
    Lovely bling you got with your winnings.

  14. I like your choice of pendant. Best of luck in the contest, Muffy!

  15. I'm taking a virtual vacation with your pics....

  16. What a lovely pendant. I love the reflection picture , hoping you win.