Monday, January 21, 2013

Yesterday morning the Mister and I went down to the park to watch the balloons lift off.  We were there before then sun was fully awake!!

It didn't take long before the balloons began appearing on the horizon.

One by one they began lifting higher and higher in the sky.

The airplanes had fun zooming around this balloon!!  

I waited and waited for this one to get high enough to get a decent photo.  It must be difficult to fly,  both days it only ascended a little ways then right back down.

Another view before I lost sight of it:

I happened to look behind me, and a lot more balloons were floating in.

Isn't this an unusual one!!!  It didn't stay air born for very long either.

What's better than one panda bear.... well two panda bear balloons!!

I love the look on this little fish's eyes. 
 She looks like she's afraid of getting tangled in the palm tree 

I just love the reflection of this one as it touches the water with its basket.

Looking up this balloon was almost directly over my head.

I have included the witch balloon again today!! I got a much better shot!!

And let's not forget the famous Humpty Dumpty Balloon

These guys were having some fun, as they jumped from the boat to the balloon.  And I have a hard time getting off our pontoon and on to the dock.........oh to be young!!!

The winds started to pick up and the balloons began to drift closer to the ground.

As we were leaving the park I took this last one shot of Lake Havasu.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to just drift along on the water, while watching the balloons drift along in the sky?

Now I need your help...................  There is a photo contest, and I can enter two of my photos.  I would like to enter, but I can't decide which two to choose.  You can review my post from yesterday and today, and tell me which ones you would enter.   Thank you so much.

And that's the way it is......................


  1. I have been eagerly awaiting these pics. They are unbelievable! My picks are the fish and the reflection photo from today's post. They are all just wonderful!

  2. Wow! These are just beautiful. If I to pick my 2 no 3 favorites: fish and palm tree, balloons with planes flying around them, and the balloon with reflection in the water. They are all so good hard to pick.

  3. I also like the fish with palm tree. It definitely tells a story. I really like the picture of balloon and palm from the very first day. I guess I am partial to palm trees. And of course, the reflection in the lake is a classic. Let us know whichtwo you will pick.

  4. I like the reflection one best of all. Number two for me would be the one with the planes. :)

  5. these are totally amazing and your photos are spectacular.

  6. magic, pure magic!!

    i would enter 2 from this entry. the gorgeous reflection and the witch. the witch because i adore the background and the reflection shot is just awesome. everything about it!!

  7. Loved the fish peeking around the tree or the full face shot of it from yesterday. Great shots and what a wonderful show. Going up in one is on my bucket list.

  8. I love them all, but I think my two favorite are the one with the reflection in the water, and Mother Goose and the one palm tree. good luck!

  9. The reflection one and the fish. Just love these!

  10. Definitely the one with the reflection in the's beauty.

    Best of luck, you have a winner.


  11. definitely the reflection shot. really beautiful with the sailboat and all.

    the specialty balloons are entertaining, if not long-lasting. :)

  12. I think the prettiest shot is your 7th of all photos here(starting from sunrise) and I still like the fish from today. They're all so good.

  13. The reflection in the water...but they are all awesome!

  14. I'm partial to the first one in yesterday's post, with several balloons and just the tips of the mountains. Another I like is also yesterday, about 4th one down, I think, with two balloons almost (or actually?) brushing against each other. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to balloons. I definitely favor the "old fashioned" bulb shapes! :)

  15. #1 for me is the reflection in the water. The fish peeking around the tree is really cute.

  16. these are amazing! Yes - the one of the balloon near the water - definitely that one! And the 7th pic down is another one I would choose! These are FAB!

  17. The balloons reflection in the water and the Fish and the palm tree..both great shots!! Now I will go read what the others have said:)

  18. They're all so pretty! I agree with most that the reflective one for sure. Also, I'm rather partial to the one where they're jumping in from the boat ... and the airplanes flying ... and the witch and the .................... ALL OF THEM ARE AWESOME!!!! Good luck with the contest. You're already a winner in my eyes ~ great photos :)

  19. I wouldn't think they would want to be in the water... do they float? are the baskets supposed to get wet? thought that was weird... they ARE all great photos!!!

  20. Wow - what a colorful treat ! Great shots, and too tough to choose just 2. Good luck with the contest - I think any of these could be a winner.