Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Little Light of Mine

I have two heirloom kerosene lamps
We never use them when our power is out, as we have  a generator.  
I do like to decorate these lamps  for the holidays.  
Let me tell you their stories.

This petite little lamp belonged to my mother when she was a young woman.  
I have had it in my possession since I was about ten years old.  When she gave it to me
the chimney had been broken, so I just had the bottom half for a very long time.  
One day my dad came home from a remodeling job and had found a glass chimney that fit it perfectly.  
It is one of my treasures from the past.  

This much larger lamp came from my dad's family. 
 He gave it to me thirty-some years ago, when we first established our cottage. 
 He felt the power was out so much we needed a kerosene lamp.  
Before he gave it to me, he told me that it was the light on the kitchen table when he was young.  
After chores and supper, he and his brothers and sisters would sit around this lamp doing their homework.  
Isn't that a treasure!!  

And that's the way it is...............


  1. both are really beautiful - and very special. :)

  2. Very sweet treasures to have. I love them both. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I love, love, love those lamps. The stories behind them are such a big part of the treasure but they are beautiful on their own as well. You are fortunate to have them and the good memories.

  4. I love those lamps but the history behind them is just as important....

    When we were little and stayed at my Grandma's house that's how it was lit, no running water, no electricity...just kerosene lamps, and a wood stove.


  5. Hi Muffy ...I love your lamps and there stories and the fact you decorate with them!! I do the same ..mine are always out I just add a cheery touch to them at Christmas!!
    I also have the one my Mom you'd to take to light the way to here bedroom when she was young!! I have four ..they all came from my Grandparents!!

  6. Both are treasures, Muffy. and it's especially nice that you know their histories and appreciate them as much as you do.

  7. these are both beautiful, i covet the last one. at one time i had 40 oil lamps, hubby had to build a special place for them, one whole wall of our extra bed room, floor to ceiling shelves in different heights. now i have six, the oldest and the bestest. one was my hubby's grand parents, one my dad gave me more than 50 years ago, not sure where he got it, he went to visit his brother and came home with it. the others are very old and i bought them twenty 8 years ago. when we moved here i had to downsize.

  8. Keepsakes with meanings and stories..and now you have told them..and photographed them for your one will have to go "What did Mom say about that?"

  9. Bot are lovely and have lovely stories. How fortunate you are to have them. I have a few little hand-me-downs with a special places in my heart, too.

  10. Two great stories, two beautiful pieces of history!

  11. I love these old oil lamps...and, your stories too! What treasures...I have missed you much! Hugs

  12. Your post made me happy today, it's wonderful to have a piece of our past. Love the fragrance of the oil burning...

  13. It is so wonderful that you have these pieces of your parents past and the stories of history to go with them. I love the lamps.
    I had a few heirlooms until we lost to home to a fire in 98. Most important we were not injuried and got out. Although heirlooms can not be replaced lives are far more important.
    Thanks for sharing your lamps and their stories.

  14. Oh I LOVE your treasures from the past!!

  15. Such beautiful lamps and memories shared. Thank you. Have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs LJ