Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Schut

I tried to research 'Schut' in the Dutch language or tradition, but couldn't find anything.  All I know is it is a Dutch Tradition I grew up with.  You see I grew up in a little berg called Hollandtown, Wisconsin with Plum Creek running through it. The berg consisted of a church/school a small grocery store, a supper club/bar/bowling alley, and a cheese factory; where they made gouda and edam cheese (Dutch styles), with the milk being provided by the local dairy farmers.  

Now lets get back to the Schut.   The second Sunday in August is Schut day; beginning with mass at the church,  the priest wishing all shooters good luck.  Around noon all the shooters would bring their muskets and rifles (some of these guns were handed down from generation to generation) and meet at the supper club. 
The band of shooters marched once around the only block in Hollandtown, then up the hill past the church and onto the Schut Grounds.
On the Schut grounds you could see the high tower where the bird was placed.  The bird was made of wood, rubber, metal, and other materials.    The object of the Schut was to shoot at this fabricated bird until the last piece of rubber was shot off.  The head, wings, and tail were awarded monetary prizes.  When the last piece of the bird was shot off the pole, the gentleman who shot it off, was awarded the title of "Schut King!"  A title he carried until the next year.  
As little girls, we would dress up in our Dutch costumes and be part of the parade.
The men would balance their rifles on the t-poles.  The announcer would say;  "Van Able on deck, Vandewettering to shoot. "   Vandewettering shot.  The announcer would say " Verhagen on deck Van Abel to shoot."  This would go on for most of the day.

  If the bird came down early, it would be said 'it wasn't made as well as it could be.'   The bird maker has a big responsibility for this event, the strongest bird is the most desirable.  My brother still carries on the tradition of making the bird.  Looking back on old records, my great grandfather was 'king' back in the 1800's.   
Once the king was crowned, he wore the Schut Cape and announced as Schut King. 

 His wife was named Schut Queen.   The shooters,  their friends and families then gathered back at the local supper club for an evening of celebrating the new king and queen.  

And that's the way it is...................


  1. How very interesting and I LOVE your photos! Thank you for sharing this a.m.

  2. What a delightful memory, from your growing-up-time. In a little berg with Plumb Creek running through it. Precious. Precious. Precious. Alllllllll....

    Oh please, do you have stories of other memories, from your idyllic child hood??? Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Will you remember, and share them with us???

    Gentle hugs,

    1. You bet I will. I left out the apple orchard between the creek and our house. Oh and did I tell you there were only 13 in my 8th grade graduating class. Just like Little House, without the maw and paw!!!

  3. Hi Muffy....What a wonderful share from your family past...I just loved it !! What an interest much fun! Love those old pictures !!
    I also adored your last post...nice looking couple!! I also laughed big time at your last picture LOL!!

  4. How interesting! I love small town traditions. I live in WI but I don't think I have ever heard of your hometown. Where is it located - I am in S.E. WI?

  5. I never heard of this before! Great memories of childhood!

  6. My Mom is Dutch, I am going to have to ask her about this tradition. My Dad was a great hunter, shooter, in fact one year he won what they called the Shootzenfest, sounds more German to me. He was crowned the Shootzenfest king...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  7. What a delightful memory of your life. Love the pictures, especially the little girls in their cute costumes. Great Post!

  8. how interesting! and what fun traditions for you to remember. love the pictures!

  9. I love your child hood memory. My little burg neighbor hood was called little Missouri because almost everyone relocated to Michigan from Missouri to work in the factory. I have some good child hood neighborhood memories.

  10. And an interesting way at that! I have never heard of this celebration before ... and i lived many years in a community where there was a good number of Dutch people.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day steeped in tradition! Thanks for sharing..did your husband participate this year? I enjoyed the old photos..the Dutch Girls are so cute:)

  12. wow, that's some story and some very interesting photographs!!

  13. I loved this entry, Muffy, of your wonderful childhood memories of family tradition. A Schut complete with a king and queen. Fascinating. Please do share more. Too often, family tradition of years gone by have gone by the wayside. Again, I love this.
    Also, I missed your Anniversary...I'm certain you had a wonderful one. I loved all of the pictures...our's is coming up in Sept. Congratulations to a very fine looking couple. Love that last pic. lol

  14. Aug. 17th

    I'm sorry my pics are taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load. Too long, for you to wait to see them. -sigh- Wondering if you ever look at any other blogs, which show their pics, in big size? And does it happen there, too? Perhaps you could *complain* to your Internet Server...? Just in case, it's their fault. And nothing will be done, unless you *holler*. -grin-

    And your new blog look-size-etc. here, is still too wide for me to see. It's even wider than my screen, and my screen is huge. Wondering if any other blogger, has told you this? Probably not. Bloggers usually don't want to rock-the-boat and complain. Not me though. I tell people what's happening, when I try to access their blogs. Other wise, how would they know???

    But in the end, our blog is our blog, and we can do it, as we choose.

    Gentle hugs,