Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Some gals have a thing for shoes... not me, I have red, brown, black and blue.  Sandals for summer.  Regular for winter.

Some gals have a thing for purses.... not me, I have a summer one and a winter one, plus a really big stripped one for travel.

My thing............. GLASSES!

Prior to my cataract surgery, I had one pair of glasses, (noline trifocals) and a pair of clip on sunglasses.  
That cataract  surgery has really expanded my horizon as far as glasses go.  I no longer wear glasses full time,  My distance vision is perfect, and always will be.  My near vision needs a little correction, which is done with 'cheaters'.   

I have cheaters and sunglasses in lots of colors.
My best pair of sunglasses (I had two, but one broke) is a pair with the cheaters already built in.  
I found these at a Swap meet in Arizona.   They can also be purchased on line.  

Where do I keep all these pair of glasses, you ask?

I hang them on this vase:

 They are handy to grab... my glasses need to match what I'm wearing

Do you have an excess of something?

And that's the way it is...........................................


  1. Ummmm, I used to have extras of craft supplies, especially papers...oh I love paper.

    I'm not a shoe or purse girl either, or a glasses girl, at $800 per pair, well you don't splurge. Food, I like to make sure there is always extra of everything, because I cook mainly from scratch, so there's extra tomatoes, beans, pasta, rice....you name it.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Hi Muffy...Oh dear me that is great, but if that was me..they would never be where they should be : }lol!
    I had cataract surgery this spring if you remember...well I have to go back, because a film has formed over the lenses and I have to have a laser procedure done the end of this month grrrrrrr!!! So glad your worked fine!!
    When I did crafts and sewed a lot it was thread and ribbon ...never had the right color so needed more ; ] !!
    I wear the same earring all the time...small studs.. pearls, and diamonds (fake): }...they go with everything, and changing 3 sets of them and one single is to much work anyway lol!!
    Shoes..I go barefoot at home all summer...purses..I have a black one I use all the time, and I bought a light brown for summer...I have never used it!!
    I do have 14 pairs of panties : } all the same, only so I don't have to wash under ware so often LOL ; }!!!!
    Fun post...

  3. Holy Mackerel! That's a lot of glasses. I have one purse that I haven't used in six years (I use a fanny pack), and I don't have many shoes anymore. Since I downsized and went fulltime in an RV, I don't have much extra of anything. :)

  4. I love your glasses. They make such fun frames these days.
    I no longer care much about shoes, purses, etc. but my late mom and I both collected china dishes. Even though we downsized drastically last year, I still have all that china!!!!!

  5. You have quite a collection of glasses.
    My thing is totes and purses.

  6. What a cute collection!!! And what a cute way, to keep 'em in one place!

    Now, what do you mean by 'cheaters'? Glasses one can buy, without a specific RX, for our own eyes? Those which come in different strengths, and you just pick the one which helps you (see up close) the most?

    I've worn glasses for years, even after cateract surgery. My license says I do not need them to drive, but I still always wear them. And I have a pair of prescription distance dark glasses. Did not have the reading bi-focal put in the dark glasses, thought I'd never need it, because I never sit outside and read a book. But! Mistake! I do need my dark glasses to be bi-focals too!!!!

    Looking for BIG ROUND BLACK frames, to have my dark glasses bi-focal Rx made into. And it's not easy to find them, I have found. But have to keep looking. It's so hot, I just don't care about going out and shopping around. Ugh...

    But I want 'em!!!!! So I have to find a shop, which offers them. :-)

    Oh and there is something for you to keep *searching* for!!!! I don't think I see BIG ROUND BLACK frames, in your collection. :-)

    Oh and do I have a buying-lots-of-fettish? Guess not. I would have, with RED SHOES, if I could find the ones I need, in RED! So, there's hope for me yet! ,-)


  7. flip flops, i am completely addicted!! completely!! i wear them all year long!!

    very clever, how you store your addiction!!

  8. My last pair of glasses cost me almost $700 so I don't currently have an eye glass fetish, but I can definitely see that happening if I ever have to have cataract surgery and can kick the complex prescription.

  9. I never would have guessed this, but I suppose we all have something, huh? I collect small pitchers...I don't think I've posted about them...they are all still packed from the move last year. Thanks fr sharing...we learn something about the other this way! Love this post!

  10. You have some nice glasses...I look terrible in glasses...luckily I only need them to read fine print. I buy underwear...I have enough to last ten years. LOL

  11. Great collection! I like your red ones! AND those sunglasses with bifocals...very cool! I have had that cataract surgery too..but I need reading glasses..and chose to go the prescription route..cause I am fussy and hate fuzzy. I wear the readers constantly with a string around my neck..real old lady like. I have a pair of driving glasses for night driving I keep them in the car..that pair has bifocals..I don't wear them enough to get used to them. I love not having to wear glasses most of the time.

    I like jammies and Crocs..I have all color of Crocs..and lots of cotton nightgowns..oh and books:)

  12. Oh yes, I have an eyeglass collection too! For about 10 years hubby and I did the non-prescription route with readers and we had them EVERYWHERE~! Every table, every desk, in both vehicles, on the boat, in the golf cart... you couldn't be far away from them if you wanted to read something! Then a couple years ago I got prescription and you know what? I really miss my readers. They were so fun and like you say, they match your mood! Maybe someday I can go back to them... I'm not throwing them away! I'm not a shoe or purse person either, one for each purpose is plenty!

  13. I used to collect readers when I wore contacts. Now I wear nothing. I had at least three pairs in every room, so I never had to scramble to find a pair. My daughter bought 10 pairs of the same sunglasses because she liked them! Huh?? {confession: I DO collect shoes that I'll never wear again, and handbags that I'll never carry again!}

  14. LOL, thanks for the chuckle...I am so happy I'm not the only compulsive, impulsive out there. I love small purses but have found the need for a larger one lately. Also, cannot do without my flip-flops that get worn year round like Debbie. My latest fettish has got to be rings and bracelets. I love them. All sizes, shapes, but have to be loose on the wrist and fit at least one finger....lol
    BlessYa, this was fun